The 2024 eCommerce salary survey & insights report

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The 2024 eCommerce salary survey is here. Once again, our questionnaire has allowed your voice to be heard. Hearing perspectives from employees and senior leadership teams, the report will delve into the current feelings in this ever-growing industry.

The go-to report for eCommerce recruitment insights

Every year, our salary survey report is downloaded by thousands of eCommerce professionals. It provides exclusive statistics from the eCommerce world, particularly from an eCommerce recruitment perspective. 

For hiring managers and eCommerce leaders, employee sentiments can help form a recruitment strategy that speaks to potential candidates. For those working in the industry, the salary benchmarks can help you position yourself for negotiating a pay rise or finding a new role. 

These insights cannot be found anywhere else! The topics featured include...

  • Salary benchmarking - the latest salary updates for 2024
  • Salary changes - how many people saw a pay rise in the last 12 months?
  • The recruitment perspective - have teams grown in the last year and how do employers strive to attract/retain talent?
  • The impact of technology - AI and other technologies are growing. What will the impact of this be on eCommerce?
  • Mental health and well-being - are companies prioritising this and do staff feel comfortable raising their concerns?
  • Diversity & Inclusion - this was a new topic in 2023, so will we see more positive steps towards better D&I this year?

All of this and so much more is waiting in our annual report! Simply fill out the form for a free copy...happy reading!

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