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Posted: 6th of March 2018 by Desiree - the ecommerce career mentor

#AskDesiree: A slow ecommerce recruitment process - should I move on?

Career Advice & Tips

Ecommerce is a fast-paced world, but it doesn’t always mean the ecommerce recruitment process will meet your expectations. Ecommerce talent gets snapped up quickly but what should you do if it doesn’t happen quickly for you, because the process you are in has not yet concluded.

Well, one ecommerce superstar asked this very question…the interview process has taken much longer than anticipated and they are now in quite the dilemma. It’s natural to want to see a recruitment process through – even if it’s just to receive feedback as to why you weren’t successful. But at some point, you’re going to have to say, ‘enough is enough!’

Ecommerce Recruitment Process expectations

How long do ecommerce professionals expect the recruitment process to take? Well, guess what…I have an exclusive insight. It took me quite a while to convince the cranberry panda marketing team, but I twisted their arms in the end!

Would you like a quick sneak peek from the 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report? This isn’t released until April, so you can thank me later! 43% of our respondents expect the ecommerce job search process – from applying to receiving an offer – to take 4 weeks or less.

Our anonymous sender wants to know if they should leave this process behind now it seems to be taking longer than planned. Here’s my advice…

How can you speed up the ecommerce recruitment process?

Perhaps this title is slightly misleading – ultimately, the hiring company will be responsible for the process and how long it takes. After all, they have an important hire to make and they want to ensure they pick the best…so they aren’t going to rush anything!

However, what you can do is get answers that could perhaps speed up your own career decision; remain in the process or move on. I’ve also thrown in a few tips to help you keep your spirits up during what might feel like a lengthy process.

  • Approach the hiring manager for feedback: There are many things you can do while you wait for job interview feedback. If you don’t bombard the hiring manager with emails and calls, there is no harm in asking if there is an update on the process.
  • Working with a recruiter? If so, remember you have additional support here…ask them for updates and they can work with you and the hiring manager to get answers.
  • Don’t forget your other processes – The anonymous panda who sent this question is interviewing elsewhere too, so my advice is to put just as much energy into this. Don’t become distracted by the lack of movement in one process or it will affect your performance. Use it as a chance to compare the two processes in detail.
  • Don’t feel disheartened – If you do decide to move on, know that this isn’t reflective of your overall ability. You’ve come a long way since you submitted your CV, which they clearly appreciated enough to invite you for interviews.
  • Don’t hold back from further applications – If this is your only process, continue to look for similar opportunities. The best thing you can do is continue to be proactive in your search so that you are not missing out because of a slower process.

Ultimately, whether you wait for feedback or decide to focus on other ecommerce recruitment processes, understand that there are many reasons why an interview process might take longer than expected. Just ensure you do get the answers you need, as feedback is vital for a future job search.

Ask Desiree – here for your ecommerce career questions!

I am your ecommerce career mentor, so don't be shy...send your questions over to me: desiree@cranberrypanda.co.uk! From job search anxieties to hiring calamities, I am here to help. Look forward to hearing from you, ecommerce friends!

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