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Posted: 5th of December 2018 by Desiree - the ecommerce career mentor

#AskDesiree: How to finish the year off the right way!

Career Advice & Tips, Career Path

What a year 2018 has been! With the New Year approaching, it means Christmas is upon us – not the quietest time on the ecommerce calendar as I’m sure you already know!

Not only is the world of online retail buzzing, there’s also the office Christmas party to contend with…a day hungover isn’t the most productive! Work aside, it’s a time many people like to spend with loved ones which means the December calendar page is likely to be jam packed!

Sometimes, you can be so rushed off your feet that you don’t even have time to reflect on your achievements and plan ahead. I’ve decided to answer a question that a lot of people are probably thinking but are forgetting to action because of the time of year.

In my final slice of #AskDesiree goodness in 2018, I’m going to help you sail through this busy ecommerce period and finish your year the right way!

What are your absolute musts?

The pandas recently had some very inspirational sessions with Craig Goldblatt, who introduced us to the concept of your ‘musts’. There’s no ‘I will do that’ or ‘I should do that’…you MUST do that.

Change your language to inspire you to do the things you need and want to do. So, looking at your career, what must you do to make sure the year ends on a high? Whether it’s to make that Christmas campaign exceed expectations or to have the next six to twelve months of your career mapped out, make it happen now.

You can also think about what these musts will do for you…if you achieve this, what great things will come from it? Having this emotional leverage will mean there is a strong undercurrent pushing you to achieve your musts.

Tip: Sit down and write down at least 3 musts. Some can be more long term than others but get it on paper and start making it happen.

Assess your current situation

How has the whole year gone for you career wise? You have once again reached the end of a calendar year (how fast has that gone!?) so it’s time to reflect internally about how you feel the year has gone?

Did you get a new ecommerce job? If so, was it what you expected it to be? If the year has gone incredibly well, why has it and how will you bring that into 2019? Perhaps you’re thinking that the new year could be the time to move on and find a new opportunity (psst…you don’t have to wait until January for that!)

Whatever your situation, discover it and evaluate what will make 2019 a fantastic year for your career.

What do you want from 2019? Decide now!

Learn a new skill? Find a new job as mentioned before? Achieve progression in your current company? Find out what you want, if it isn’t already on your list of musts, and make it your big 2019 goal – a New Year’s resolution if you’re into those!

I’ve answered plenty of ecommerce career questions over the year and our blog is full of ecommerce career advice. I’ve decided to highlight some blogs that will help you with different career scenarios…

Ecommerce job search

Ecommerce career change

Ecommerce career progression

Culture & workplace happiness

Phew! That's a lot of ecommerce reading...but you'll thank me for it!

What ecommerce career questions do you want answered in 2019?

So that’s it from me for another year...I’m off to Portugal to sip on some bamboo cocktails to see in the New Year! However, I would love to come back to an inbox full of your ecommerce career questions!

Whether you’re unhappy in your role, looking to improve your current position or have a big ecommerce hiring dilemma, let me help! You can send your questions to desiree@cranberrypanda.co.uk. Have a restful festive season with loved ones and see you in 2019!


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