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Posted: 23rd of October 2015 by Chris Cox

#CareerCounsel: Feeling demotivated?

Career Advice & Tips

 Demotivation at work

Imagine this: after weeks of applications, interviews and a lot of nerves…you do it. You finally land that dream job. You settle in, get to work and look forward to the opportunities this new start has to offer. It really is the job you were looking for.

Suddenly, at any point in the time you’re there, you begin to feel a bit…meh! Something in your work life has changed somehow, yet you’re not quite sure what. #CareerCounsel wants to help you consider your options.

Why the sudden demotivation?

First things first, demotivation and being unmotivated are completely different things. Your enthusiasm hasn’t waned, and you’re not being lazy. You have been demotivated by one factor in your career, and you need to know what it is to be able to fix it.

At first, you might think it’s ‘one of those days/weeks.’ That might be true, because everyone has them. Never jump to conclusions that demotivation is down to your role or company environment as a whole.

  • Work/Life balance – Are you adhering to this very important rule? You need to make sure you have enough “me” time.
  • So much to do, so little time – We’ve ALL been there. However, it’s not a reason to feel demotivated, quite the opposite. You have much to achieve, and you can do that with a coherent to do list.  You might feel a bit of stress and tiredness from it all, but don’t confuse that with becoming disillusioned with your career. Just remember to get lots of rest when you are away from work.
  • A change in environment – Has something changed at work recently? A new manager or a few new starters have shaken up the team. The demotivating factor here will be fear or uncertainty of the change. “Will the new manager be easy to work with?” or “Will I get along with my new colleagues?” might be common questions. You were used to how things were, and this change has you feeling unsure. Speak to someone you are familiar with, and they probably have uncertainty playing on their mind. Discuss how you can adapt to this, and jump right in to get to know the newbies. (Psst…they’re nervous too!)
  • Career goals – Everyone sets themselves goals for their career, but are they the right ones? It’s good to aim high, but be realistic about time frames in terms of progression. So if you feel like you’re not ticking things off the list, it’s easy to be put off what you’re doing. Why not break your career goals up? Rather than a year, try a six month goals list instead. Seeing these goals being achieved in good time, will have you pumped for the next six months.
  • Challenges – Are you feeling challenged by the role? If not, it’s enough to make you feel like you’re not proving your worth. Why not approach your manager with this, and see if there are extra challenges you can tackle?

Remember, it’s not always your role as a whole. It’s easy to think that a role will be the ‘dream’ one, but every single job has tasks you might find boring, or days where stress is high. Be realistic in your expectations of what your career will bring and what goals you will achieve.

In terms of demotivation, one small aspect that isn’t going to plan is enough to cause a ripple effect of demotivation. If you find that aspect, and address it, you can evaluate your next move. Maybe it is time to move on, or maybe you just needed that push to brush off that demotivation! 

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