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Posted: 10th of July 2018 by Chris Cox

#PandaPounds: Ecommerce Employee Insights in 2018


What is happening in the world of ecommerce careers in 2018? Our 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report is full of details about employees in the industry, and we’re keen to share some exclusive facts!

We have already looked into salary changes within ecommerce, but we wanted to look beyond renumeration. Are ecommerce professionals happy with their work-life balance? What is the gender make up within each of our ecommerce specialisms? We’re going to answer these questions and so much more!

We will focus on each ecommerce specialism throughout the week – today we will look at those working in online trading, merchandising and broader ecommerce jobs.

Work-life balance for ecommerce employees

How do ecommerce employees feel about their work-life balance in 2018? The industry is, as ever, extremely fast paced so it’s always important for people to take a breather! Are they doing this though?

For those working in the ecommerce, merchandising and trading specialism 65% of respondents are happy with their work-life balance. On the other side of the coin, 25% said they are not happy with the balance between work and personal life! This leaves 10% who aren’t quite sure how they feel about their work-life balance right now.

While 65% is a good number, it would be great to see this a bit higher. However, it’s interesting to see that only 39% of employees within ecommerce, trading and merchandising feel their manager’s can do more to encourage a better balance. Is it up to the individual to ensure the perfect balance?

Overtime – how much is being done?

Moving on nicely from work-life balance, we thought it would be great to look at how much overtime is being done! Is this to blame for only 65% being happy with work-life balance? Let’s find out, as we look at how much overtime ecommerce employees within ecommerce, trading and merchandising complete each week…

  • None: 8%
  • A few minutes here and there: 12%
  • Half an hour: 5%
  • An hour: 11%
  • Between 2-3 hours: 26%
  • Between 3-5 hours: 29%
  • Other: 9% (of those who said other, all said they work five hours plus of overtime a week…one respondent works 2-3 hours overtime a day!)

So, over 60% of professionals in ecommerce, trading and merchandising work at least two hours of overtime a week…is this number too high?

Team challenges

We looked at the ecommerce team challenges of our respondents overall, but let’s see if the trends continue across our ecommerce specialisms! (Note: As respondents could select more than one challenge, percentages will not equal 100%.)

What challenges do ecommerce teams face?

The top challenge, much like for our respondents overall, is customer acquisition. However, getting support for the ecommerce function is much higher for this segment of our respondents, which isn’t too surprising as ecommerce, trading and merchandising is their core focus!

Ecommerce specialism – Male vs Female

Another big focus for our 2018 report has been gender and ecommerce. We have already seen that a gender pay gap exists in the ecommerce industry, but what is the gender make up within each specialism?

Looking at ecommerce, trading and merchandising, 54% of respondents within this specialism are male while 46% are female. This is not as evenly split when we look at the respondents overall, where 51% were male, 48% female and 1% who preferred not to say.

More #PandaPounds insights to come

We hope you’ve enjoyed this deeper delve into the professional lives of ecommerce employees! We have more insights to follow from each ecommerce specialism, including Digital Marketing, Web Analytics and Digital Design! Remember to download a free copy of the 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report for more ecommerce goodness!

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