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Posted: 9th of May 2017 by Chris Cox

#PandaPounds meets #EcomChat

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Our 2017 ecommerce salary survey is now available to download. To celebrate this, we teamed up with James Gurd and Dan Barker to co-host a #PandaPounds themed EcomChat.

If you haven’t come across EcomChat before then it’s time you get to know them. Every Monday at 1PM, ecommerce & digital professionals come together to network through a Twitter chat. There is a topic of the day, with three questions, allowing digital fans to discuss and chat about recent developments or digital trends.

In case you missed the latest EcomChat, don’t fear; you can catch up on the #EcomChat Twitter feed, but not before reading our summary of the eventful chat!

Ecommerce is maturing – how are job roles changing with it?

Is a maturing ecommerce industry really changing the way companies recruit for roles within their team? Question 1 kicked off EcomChat, where people discussed what roles are potentially on the rise…

  • Many agreed Data and/or Analysis experience is becoming a popular requirement for new jobs in ecommerce. Some believe that many roles should rely on data analysis for all decisions made.
  • With more ecommerce professionals growing their skillset, companies do have to take sector experience (fashion, finance etc.) into account. However, larger businesses can look outside their sector while smaller companies choose to stay safe with sector specific hires.
  • There is more demand for technical skills, both from employers and professionals wanting to improve their own skills.

Ecommerce staff retention – what makes Ecommerce professionals happy?

Ecommerce professionals made it clear what makes them stay in a job in our #PandaPounds report. But what do ecommerce professionals think companies are doing to ensure employees are happy?

  • There was quite the discussion around flexible working. Flexible working, for some, has become a key decision criterion for accepting a new ecommerce job. From avoiding terrible commutes to feeling trusted with flexible working, it seems to be more in demand.
  • The discussion around flexible working led to the discussion moving towards work life balance. If employees are doing overtime throughout the week, this must be acknowledged. After all, feeling valued and respected is the most important essential in a role for the third year running.
  • Work life balance isn’t just about how employees enjoy their free time…knowing what makes each employee happy during their work day and how they want to progress needs to be addressed regularly.

How should ecommerce teams invest in people for the future?

In other words, when it comes to the people in ecommerce teams, what areas should companies invest in the most?

  • Tech is becoming more advanced – Data scientists, analytics professionals and platform developers will be key in moving business forward.
  • Money should be dedicated to retention and training. Keeping good people should be at the forefront of an ecommerce team strategy as competitors are always on the lookout for the best people.
  • Investing in CRM and customer analysis will allow the team to understand customer profiles and make the customer experience more personalised. The EcomChat participants agreed that building CRM projects made a huge difference to their company…but there is no room for complacency and this should be a big priority at all times. If something is working, look for ways to make it even better.

A big thank you to EcomChat

Thank you to James & Dan for inviting us to take part in EcomChat this week. The discussion really did build upon some key insights from the #PandaPounds report. If you haven’t read these insights, download a copy now!


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