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Our 2018 ecommerce salary survey is still accepting responses…however, we thought we’d share a few ecommerce industry insights we’ve discovered so far!

Please note these are subject to change as we will receive more responses before the questionnaire closes. So, these insights represent the 400+ ecommerce professionals who have taken part in the survey so far!

Ecommerce salaries: Who is expecting a pay increase in 2018?

In 2017, 62% of ecommerce professionals expected a salary increase. From our responses to the 2018 ecommerce salary survey, this expectation has remained the same…62% of our respondents so far believe their salary will increase in 2018.

Some respondents believe there won’t be any change while others expect their salary to decrease in 2018! We will reveal more about this in the final report…

Overtime in Ecommerce

Are ecommerce professionals doing more overtime than ever? Work-life balance in the ecommerce industry is an important subject, especially due to the fast-paced environment.

In 2017, 30% of our respondents completed 2-3 hours of overtime, on average, each week. Of our respondents so far, we can see 27% complete 2-3 hours of overtime. Does this mean there has been a slight decrease of the amount of overtime ecommerce professionals do each week? Let’s wait and see!

Essentials for a new ecommerce job

For the past few years, professionals looking for a new ecommerce job have listed ‘feeling valued and respected’ as their top essential in a role.

We won’t reveal the top spot just yet, but here’s a quick look at some of the essentials our respondents have listed so far. (This question requires respondents to label an aspect of a role as either not important, neutral, important or essential!)

  • Opportunity to progress – Progression in ecommerce careers has been a hot topic from our previous reports, but is it still important? The answer, so far, is a big yes! 66% of our respondents list this as an essential must have when accepting a new role.
  • Salary – We’ve already seen that 62% of ecommerce professionals are expecting a pay rise in 2018…but salary is also a big essential when securing a new ecommerce job – 68% of respondents think so anyway!
  • Team/People – 52% of our respondents so far feel that the team they will potentially join plays a big part in accepting a role. Should hiring teams involve the wider team in the hiring process? Let’s see what the final role essential totals will be when the survey closes!

Share your ecommerce industry insights

You can contribute to these interesting ecommerce industry insights by taking part in our ecommerce salary survey questionnaire! There is still time to take part and we donate £1 per response to The OPERA Global Youth Foundation.

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