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What benefits do ecommerce brands & multichannel retailers provide for their employees?

From a Friday beer fridge to shares in the business, more people are reaping the benefits of ecommerce jobs than ever before. This doesn’t mean everyone does however…

You’ll see many job advertisements that will list the beautiful benefits of the job roles, yet there are still some that omit this information. What are people after when searching for a new job? Are company benefits important, or is salary the deal maker? 

Thanks to our 2017 ecommerce salary & insights report, we have insights from over 700 ecommerce professionals who have shared their views on all things company benefits (amongst other things! Download the full report for all the ecommerce gossip!) 

What are the top 5 ecommerce company benefits?

Before we delve into greater detail, let’s take a quick look at the top five benefits received by our survey respondents…

Top benefits for working in ecommerce

We must note that because most respondents receive more than one benefit, the total above does not equal 100%. It’s clear to see that contributory pension is the benefit almost half of our respondents receive.

In fact, the top three company benefits shown above were the same in 2016. The most interesting development is that flexible working has made the top 5 this year…it’s in high demand so it seems employers are responding!

What other ecommerce company benefits are employees offered?

Our respondents have spoken when it comes to the top 5 ecommerce company benefits, but what else is on offer in the world of ecommerce careers? Here’s a quick rundown…

  • Discretionary Bonus – 26% of our respondents receive this as a company benefit, meaning it wasn’t far off the top 5 this year!
  • Gym Subsidy – 18% of respondents receive a subsidy on gym membership. Employee wellness in the workplace is important, and healthy employees mean happy employees. Also on offer to our respondents this year is dental care, health screening and life insurance.
  • Employee bonuses – We had personal performance bonus, guaranteed bonus and company performance bonus as options in our survey this year. Only 5% are guaranteed a bonus while 23% have personal performance bonuses. This leaves company performance related bonus out in front, with 26% of our respondents receiving this. It should be noted that this was multiple choice, so some lucky ecommerce professionals receive a combination of these bonuses.
  • Getting around – 17% receive season ticket loans for their commute. Other transport related benefits to make the list include car allowance, a company car and a petrol allowance.
  • Food, glorious food – Free breakfasts, free fruit & daily subsidised food are among the ecommerce company benefits that our respondents receive. Not to mention a beer fridge…

Who doesn’t receive company benefits?

9% of our respondents do not receive benefits in their current employment. Of this group, 56% are not happy with the lack of company benefits on offer while 18% are not bothered by it.

This leaves 8% who are not sure if it does impact them while the remaining respondents selected ‘other’. Of those who chose to elaborate, all of them specified that they are either freelance, contractors or work for themselves, so this is a standard expectation for them.

Finding a new job: do company benefits matter?

Do you enquire about a list of company benefits when you are interested in a new job? Or is salary and job responsibilities the main factor? 

What employee benefits are important?

As we can see, a nice combination of monetary and non-monetary benefits is the most popular choice among our respondents. The 1% ‘other’ answers include flexible working as a MUST, and a stake in the company.

Are you happy with your ecommerce employee benefits?

Thanks for reading our #PandaPounds summary of company benefits in the ecommerce industry. If you ever wanted to discuss salary or employee benefit benchmarks, the pandas are only a call away. Get in touch!

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