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The recruitment industry is one that is not showing any sign of slowing down. Even when business may be slow, and companies are turning to internal recruitment solutions, more recruitment agencies are being created and thriving. Supply and demand is probably the best way to describe it!

It is no secret that recruitment agencies have been given a bad reputation and it is becoming increasingly difficult for clients to know who they should trust. Building your team and having an agency that understands your brand is vital! That word agency … strikes fear in all HR teams and hiring managers simply because it means sales. Of course, everyone is fully aware that recruitment means sales as that is the way the process works but, what you need is a recruitment CONSULTANCY. A team that will not only find your ideal candidate but offer advice, support and provide more then just a one stop shop service.

You may be at the start of your recruitment process or you have been pestered by numerous recruitment agencies and are at your wits end. But, before you completely go against outsourcing your hiring needs, there are a few points that you may have not considered.

1) One thing that you can tick of off your list

The same old tone that is repeated everyday from every human being ever, “I have so much work to do!”, “I am so bogged down with work!”, “How will I get all of this done in time?”.

Well, say no more! (dramatic, heroic music like in a fairy tale), recruiters are here to save the day. The whole point of a recruitment agency is to make your life easier. They will take on the draining task of going through all the CV’s submitted, contact the candidates, register them as appropriate for the role, set up the interviews and even take on a good deal of the offer process on your behalf.

It is okay to accept help where it is needed, so why not have a recruitment agency take one thing of off your list?

2) Consultants who know what they are talking about

One of the main reasons that recruiters can have a bad reputation, is that they have no clue what they are advertising. Some agencies will have one consultant recruiting across multiple sectors and unless they have degrees and experience in each, it is hard to know all the information. One set back for clients using recruitment consultants is not having the confidence they will ask the right questions. So, to put it simply, go for a recruitment agency that specialises in their field. An agency with one or two consultants per desk who work only on that desk, will give a good indication that they have actual working experience and knowledge in the area. That means, the right question is asked, and they will more then likely have more loyal candidates waiting to be placed.

3) Reaching further into the talent pool then you thought possible

As the client, recruitment and having a bank of candidates will not be the top priority throughout your working year, but for a recruitment agency it is! That is what they focus on for 99% of their year which means they are consistently adding to their candidate pool. You as the client will have a certain number of professionals apply directly but how many of those turn out to be qualified. A recruitment consultants candidate is qualified, actively looking and in high demand!

4) It is all about having those connections

Through working with multiple clients, (perhaps your competitors) and meeting professional candidates daily, that tends to equal a lot of networking. Through that networking recruitment consultants will be up to date on the industry news, what companies are hot on the market and which candidates are becoming available. You want someone with the inside knowledge who has the edge when it comes to finding your next successful candidate!

5) The easiest kind of advertisement

This point is probably a link to all the above but when you look at your LinkedIn, how many of those are potential candidates or would you say it is client based and professional connections? A recruitment agency or individual consultant will have the best advertisement methods and the most engaged audience!

6) In contact with your competitors daily

This is a sneaky little tip for you, and you must promise to not tell anyone! But recruitment agencies will be talking and recruiting for your competitors. WHAT!

So, doesn’t it make sense to use a recruitment agency that has access to the same pool of candidates and give you a little edge? It is also a great way to see which of your competitor’s trust that recruitment agency!

7) 24/7 dedication to the sector - recruiters think of nothing else

Probably 365 days of the year, (yes, we are guilty of looking at our emails and making calls on our days off) recruiters will be looking for candidates, speaking to clients and be completely immersed in the industry. That means apart from the odd break their thoughts are totally about recruitment. As the client, you will be running around between different departments and responsibilities so understandably it is hard to focus just on filling your team. Recruiters live for that stuff…

8) If done the right way it is a 5-star service

Trust me when I say the good recruitment agencies, are aware that there are bad ones out there ruining their reputation. But, finding just one good agency can mean you have one that will fill roles upon roles for you. Sometimes it is a case of trial and error and recommendations cannot always ring true. But do some research, talk to recruiters and ask questions that will separate the good from the bad.

9) Know the brand and build your team

Having potentially 1 – 3 recruitment agencies across your business that you use means a personal/professional relationship can grow. The recruitment consultants will know from filling previous roles for you, what your brand stands for and who will suit your teams perfectly. It is the same across any sector in your brand, it is better to use professionals who know the company inside and out rather then someone guessing and failing on a one off try. I know what you are thinking, ‘…but surely an internal recruitment agency can know the brand?’. Yes, you would be correct but if an internal recruitment agency can only achieve one or two of these ten points – then is it worth it?

Anyway, who says you cannot use both? You look for characteristics and skills in a candidate and make it personal to that job vacancy. Why not do that with your whole recruitment strategy?

10) Who wants to be bugged by loads of people anyway?

Hopefully, you are at the end of this blog and are starting to see the benefit of recruitment agencies. But, you may at this very second be rejecting calls from 4 different agencies that will not leave you alone. Confidently knowing who you use for 99% of your roles will make that conversation much shorter. So instead of, “well actually we do not use agencies, oh right, well I suppose I can talk for a bit.” You can say with pride and ease, “Thank you for the call but we already use an agency for our recruitment, we are very happy!” SIMPLE!

Do you agree with the above? Or are you confident that recruiters are mini devils and no good for anything? What have your past experiences been?

Thank you!

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