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Posted: 25th of January 2018 by Chris Cox

5 reasons to take part in our 2018 ecommerce salary survey


Our 2018 ecommerce salary survey has seen over 300 ecommerce professionals complete the questionnaire so far!

There is still plenty of time to share your insights, so we thought we’d quickly list 5 reasons why you should take part in #PandaPounds 2018!

1) Ecommerce Salary Benchmarks

The only place you will find detailed ecommerce salary benchmarks is in our ‘Ecommerce Salary Survey & Insights’ report! We focus on many ecommerce specialisms, from Digital Marketing and Web Analytics to Digital Design and Ecommerce Trading & Merchandising.

Each of these specialisms will be represented in the survey, so make sure yours gets the recognition it deserves. Whether you’re at the start of your career or high on the ladder, we reveal the average salary brackets for a wide range of job roles.

If you and your fellow ecommerce professionals take part in the survey, you will be able to compare your current situation to hundreds of others in the industry. Know your worth and share your insights!

2) Unique ecommerce salary insights

Our ecommerce salary insights are like no other…not content with revealing the average salary brackets for a range of ecommerce job roles, we delve a little deeper…

  • Ecommerce salary changes – How many people saw an increase, who remained on the same salary and who saw a decrease?
  • Ecommerce salary forecast – What changes do ecommerce professionals expect to happen in the year ahead?
  • Men, women and ecommerce salaries – We look at salary ranges and management salaries of our male and female respondents to explore how well balanced the ecommerce industry is.

There is plenty to feast your eyes on especially if more ecommerce professionals take part!

3) Ecommerce company benefits?

Do ecommerce company benefits improve company culture for ecommerce teams? You’re going to have to wait and see, as that’s a question in our survey this year! We reveal a complete breakdown of the top company benefits ecommerce professionals are getting, getting to the bottom of what is important when it comes to employee benefits.

4) Ecommerce & Work-Life balance

 Overtime in ecommerce is becoming the norm or is just part of the job, according to some of our respondents this year (that’s right, that is the FIRST sneak peek of 2018 so far!) But is this not affecting work-life balance?

It’s so important to feel happy with your professional life and personal life equally, especially in a fast-paced industry like ecommerce. Have your say and make sure this is fully realised across the industry.

5) You get #PandaPounds goodies!

OK, so this one might not be about the ecommerce industry, but getting involved in #PandaPounds gives you access to a few exciting things…

  • Our prize draw – There are two £100 Amazon vouchers to be won by two lucky respondents. Completing the questionnaire in full means you are automatically entered…who doesn’t want £100 to spend?
  • OPERA Global Youth Foundation – We will donate £1 on behalf of ever respondent to this wonderful charity. So not only will you be helping the ecommerce industry grow, you’ll be helping a great cause. The more, the merrier…quite literally!
  • #PandaPounds Launch Party – You can request access to our early bird launch party tickets upon completion of the questionnaire! 

Take part in our 2018 ecommerce salary survey today…

Complete our questionnaire! It takes 5-10 minutes and, as explained above, offers so much to people in the ecommerce industry. Be sure to share the survey with colleagues and friends so the final report will be full of fantastic insights! 

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