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Posted: 27th of July 2015 by Amanda Kouwenhoven

cranberry WHAT? The meaning behind our brand name

Panda News

Intrigued by our name? It has raised more than a few eyebrows, and many have laughed or questioned the sobriety of our founders because of it.

Cranberry who? Cranberry what? What's the meaning behind our brand name?

I’m not alone when I say that I love the reaction that our name gets. And let's not forget just how cute our cranberry panda graphics are. But believe me, there’s more to our brand name than you probably realise …

Cranberries are a superfood. Pandas are hard to find.

Demand for top talent within the ecommerce industry is growing at an almost frightening rate. This statement is reinforced by the findings of our recent salary survey; competition for ecommerce superstars has forced the average wage to grow by well over £11,000 in the space of a year. Add to this the fact that, for the sector’s most impressive people, as soon as they begin looking for a new challenge, they’re snapped up in a matter of days … or hours. 

So, when we piece these facts together, and review our brand name, it basically translates to this: our ecommerce loving pandas are highly skilled in finding the most exciting - and elusive - talent within the sector.

See what we did there … clever, huh? :) 

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