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Let’s have a look at the Digital Design professionals inhabiting our Ecommerce Industry? Have they faired better then the like of Data Analysts, Ecommerce employees and Digital Marketing teams?

First and foremost, before looking at the salary improvements (or declines!), it is important to note that the skillset and programmes used by this sector over the past 2 years have changed drastically! Companies are adapting and evolving the way they work to keep up with the newest trends when it comes to digital design, which ultimately means the expectation hiring Managers and Directors are looking for is becoming more specialist.

But has this been reflected or has it impacted the salaries?

Digital Designers

  • Junior Digital Designer: £18k - £27k (2017: £20k - £27k) (2016: £22k - £34k)
  • Mid Weight Digital Designer: £28k - £35k (2017: £27k - £37k) (2016: £25k - £45k)
  • Senior Digital Designer: £35k - £70k (2017: £35k - £70k) (2016: £35k - £70k)
  • Lead/Head of Digital Design: £45k - £90k (2017: £45k - £120k) (2016: £55k - £120k)
  • Art/Creative Director: £50k - £120k (2017: £80k - £120k) (2016: £80k - £130k)

Junior Digital Designers are expected to potentially earn the lowest on record for the past two years and a questionable £7k drop in maximum salary. Mid Weight through to Senior Digital Designer have not seen hardly any difference and it seems the past three years for Senior professionals have been very unexciting. Now, Lead/Head Of professionals in the industry are at the lowest for minimum to maximum wage along with Directors who also have seen a drop. Could this be due to smaller companies giving one person all the responsibility and they are trying to reflect this in the salary on a smaller budget??? 

UX/UI Designers

  • Junior UX Designer: £30k - £40k (2017: £35k - £40k)
  • UX Designer: £35k - £55k (2017: £40k - £50k)
  • Senior/Lead UX Designer: £50k - £90k (2017: £60k - £90k)
  • Head of UX: £90k - £120k (2017: £80k - £120k)

Whether you are an Ecommerce Digital Designer, or you work within the industry, you will know that UX/UI developers are in extremely high demand. From Junior roles up to Senior/Lead titles it seems from 2017 to the present the minimum salary for the role has decreased and the maximum has stayed the same. Is this so a wider range of professionals with this skill set will apply?

What would a digital designer expect as an acceptable salary increase?

We investigated this year as to what the digital designers of the industry would expect as a salary increase in their next role. 11% stated they would expect at least a 5% raise going into a new position and 29% would want a 10% increase in salary.

When moving onto a new role presuming it is a step up in a new company or a promotion in the same brand, we would most likely expect the tech savvy digital designers to want more money! 12% however would expect their wage to stay exactly the same. Now, this could be due to a side step in career choice or these professionals are at a junior level and willing to build their experience before wanting a heavier pay packet. 

Interested to read more about Ecommerce salaries and what insights cranberry panda can offer?

Are you looking to make a move in your career and interested as to what is in store for you in your next pay check? 

So, we at cranberry panda hope this week has been insightful for you. We have looked at Ecommerce, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and now Digital Design. No harm in adding some extra reading to that list of yours so why not download our ecommerce 2018 salary survey!

Get in touch with our panda expert Ben Lerch for more information on this part of the industry. Send in your CV or check out the latest digital design roles and we can definitely point you in the right direction!

Thank you!

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