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Travelling is one of the biggest factor’s candidates must consider when applying for a new role. One of the worst feelings in the world is seeing that dream job title, you have read the description it sounds amazing but … the location is so far away. You would spend half of your day commuting! But, to some people the journey would be worth it. To be proud of where you work and to have finally made that amazing step in your career might mean a three-hour train journey daily is do-able. 

1)    It is all about balance. The cost of the journey is something to never take likely, many have fallen victim to thinking their bank account can handle it, but the bright lights of London especially can mean you miss out on the social life due to travel costs.

2)    Is this really your ideal role? If you are in an unhappy work situation, it is easy to think any new job is the one for you. But sometimes slowing down and taking your time can help you miss out on a lot of unnecessary job moves. To be commuting for such a long time, and to find out three months in that it is not all you expected, can suddenly make the journey even more unbearable.

3)    Will you wake up excited and go to bed satisfied? Okay, calm down you lot I mean when it comes to JOB satisfaction! If you have travelled an hour and a half each way to get to the office but you go to bed feeling like you have had the best day; then we can honestly say the travel is worth it in that situation!

4)    Think long term! As much as you love your job think of any variations to your long journey you can come up with. To give you an example I travel one hour and forty-five minutes each way to get to and from work. In my opinion it is completely worth it as I enjoy my role every single day. But, on the days when the travel gets a bit too much and there are never ending delays, I mix up my journey! I may walk a different way or even use my electric scooter to help with the time. But most importantly, I will read on the train, do some extra work or watch a few episodes on Netflix! You can quickly turn a long commute into the chance to do things you enjoy.

5)    How long do you plan to be with this company? If you are in a contract role or fixed term contract, then sometimes the travel does not matter. Especially if some of the time you will be working remotely. If you plan to be with this brand for many years, then think ahead to how it will take its toll.

Do not write of a long commute at the first hurdle, look into the job description more and see if it is worth your hard-earned time!


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