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For some of you, you may have an interview coming up this week. Which can be exciting and daunting at the same time, especially when trying to decide what you should wear. (Man, or women, it is important to make a good first impression). But hopefully we at cranberry panda can help with some ‘dress to impress’ tips! There is an art to striking the perfect balance, between showing who you are and looking like the professional pro that company are going to want to hire.

Be sure to read the vibe in the room!

First and foremost, do your research! You want to show the company you understand their culture, brand and impression, they are trying to make on the ecommerce world. Of course, it is vital to dress smart but depending on the company, you may be able to casual down or put your own unique spin on what you class as professional. I would say it is a common fact, to not go so casual you are wearing pyjamas, or a tracksuit to an interview but … sometimes jeans and a smart shirt for a man is a tick in the box. For women, ankle boots, a respectable dress and jacket can also give off the right vibe!

Most importantly, do not be afraid to show who you are. You can still dress exceptionally smart in a three-piece suit or black fitted dress with jewellery or a coat that screams colour and you!

Tattoos and piercings – is it acceptable yet?

This is a hugely debatable topic in the working world and we could delve into this a lot deeper. But, just for now, are tattoos and piercings on show acceptable for an interview?

A lot of the time your hidden artwork will show itself once you have started the new job and feel comfortable doing so. As above, it depends on the company and the way they want to present themselves to their competitors and potential clients.

Tattoos, although they are becoming more popular, we would recommend covering where possible if going for a corporate brand. For a more artistic, designer company it may be possible to have on show the few you deem presentable. A lot of the time it is having that respect for your potential new employer that if required you can / and are willing, to cover your tattoos but are not ashamed of what you have. As for piercings, for an interview I can almost guarantee the employer will appreciate the effort to remove or minimise what is on show. Remember, interviews are all about showing off your knowledge and talents – they will have time to find out about you!

Don’t worry, you are not comprising your style – just simply adapting to the environment.

On the train, bus or driving to an interview and regretting your decision?

So, you may be reading this blog on your way to said interview and suddenly regretting your decision. If you have taken the first rule of interviews to heart and attended early, then you still have time. If not and all forms of transport seem to be going against you, then do not let what you are wearing ruin your stride. The most impressive form of interview uniform is confidence!

Do your research, know your facts, live and breath the brand and think of your top 5 benefits you can bring to this company. Whether it be your organisation, team spirit or technical knowledge, let them know why they should hire you. Ensure to listen and engage with all those interviewing you and above all else do not forget to breath and smile! This is your time to shine and put all that hard work to good use.

Good luck!

cranberry panda wishes you all the best of luck on your interviews this week or in the future! Our motto here we swear by is “creating happiness one job at a time”. So, if you have been interviewing for roles and had no luck, or still trying to find that position you can show of your new suit in, then send through your CV or apply for one of our positions!

 Why not have a read of our five panda pointers to different interview styles, it is good to know everything about your interview processes – preparation is key!


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