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Day one of our #pandapounds blogs looked at web and data analytics, day two had a glimpse at digital marketing and now day three of our salary report recap (and our focus for today) is Ecommerce specialisms and salaries. cranberry panda pride ourselves on being experts in our areas, so for this blog we will cover trading, merchandising and numerous broad Ecommerce positions.

So, looking at salary ... What changes have been made in 2018 

So, looking at salary … What changes have been made in 2018 compared to 2016 and 2017?

The ranges of salaries with each job title is subject to numerous factors, including but not limited to:

Company size, available budget, managerial requirements, level of responsibility, academic qualifications, skill set and number of years’ of experience.

  • Ecommerce Assistant/Executive: £20k - £35k (2017 and 2016: £19k - £25k)
  • Ecommerce Manager: £35k - £70k (2017: £40k - £70k) (2016: £35k - £70k)
  • Head of Ecommerce: £70k - £120k (2017: £65k - £120k) (2016: £66k - £120k)
  • Ecommerce Director: £120k - £250k (2017: £100k - £250k) (2016: £100 - £120k)

Assessing the above salaries, apart from Ecommerce Assistant/Executive, 2018 has in the last two years been the highest minimum salary for titles Manager to Director. The maximum on these positions has not altered, but it is reassuring to see that those looking to progress or gain a promotion can expect a higher minimum wage.

Product Roles

  • Product Assistant/Executive: £25k - £40k (2017: £30k - £38k) (2016: £20k - £35k)
  • Product Manager: £45k - £60k (2017: £30k - £38k) (2016: £30k - £55k)
  • Head of Product: £90k - £200k (2017: £80k - £200k) (2016: £60k - £90k) 

For Product Assistants through to Head Of/Director titles, Assistants/Executives have seen an increase in 2016 but a noticeable £5k drop on 2017. Managers and Head Of professionals however, are seeing considerable increases in the last two years, with 2018 proving to be the highest minimum salary for each. This year especially Product Managers will have the chance of a very handsome pay rise if a promotion is on the cards!

Merchandising Roles

  • Online Merchandising Assistant/Exec: £22k - £35k (2017: £20k - £35k) (2016: £22k - £35k)
  • Senior Online Merchandising Manager: £45k - £70k (2017: £45k - £65k) (2016: £50k - £70k)
  • Head of Online Merchandising: £55k - £100k (2017: £60k - £90k) (2016: £60k - £90k)

Online Merchandising positions have not seen a huge difference compared to other roles. Assistants and Managers have seen a slight differential change, with Head of Online Merchandising minimum salary decreasing by £5k and the maximum salary stretching an additional £10k. Is the amount of responsibility that is falling to Head of professionals now being recognised with a higher salary bracket?

Trading Roles

  • Ecommerce Trading Assistant: £22k - £35k (2017: £20k - £35k) (2016: £22k - £35k)
  • Ecommerce Trading Manager: £35k - £80k (2017: £35k - £70k) (2016: £35k - £70k)
  • Head/Director of Online Trading: £55k - £120k (2017: £55k - £90k) (2016: £55k - £90k) 

Ecommerce Trading Assistants have seen a repeat of 2016 salaries despite an increase on 2017. Ecommerce Trading Managers have gained the highest maximum salary in the past two years and seeing the biggest improvement on salary is Head/Director level with a £30k maximum salary bracket increase from 2017 and 2016.

When looking at career progression, change of career or moving to a new company, more than likely most of us hope for a salary increase. (Let’s be honest, we want to be paid more for our achievements!) But we can see numerous Ecommerce professional saw a decrease in their salary for the following reasons:

The main reason was professionals taking a side step in their career so accepted a wage decrease. Secondly a relocation for work, may have resulted in a salary pay cut. Finally, a smaller portion of people moved to contract or part time positions so took a salary decrease!

The good news!

Unlike 2017 where 15% of the Ecommerce industry saw a salary drop due to budget cuts, 2018 saw no such reduction – yay! No one saw a salary decrease due to budget cuts, redundancy or hours cut by employer. 

What to expect for 2018?

So far into 2018, we can see that over the next 12 months a large portion of Ecommerce professional’s expect their salary to increase, and a percentage are expecting it to stay the same.

Salary expectations for ecommerce professionals

The main reasons we have analysed for salaries staying the same is due to factors like;

  • Had not been with the company long enough to warrant a pay rise
  • No budget for a pay rise
  • Changed roles and accepted the same salary
  • Did not ask for a pay rise
  • Received additional benefits
  • Did not hit target

Taking all of this into consideration, it looks like Ecommerce professionals have a very positive expectation for salary changes this year. This is brilliant to see, that everyone is striving for more and is keeping an upbeat attitude towards salaries!

Ecommerce professionals expect an increase in their salary whether this be down to promotion, annual review or taking on a role with more responsibility – which is fantastic! We did find some expected to stay the same. Is this down to professionals now putting progression and other factors as priority over a salary increase? 

Want more insights into Ecommerce salaries?

Are you questioning what your next pay packet could or should be?

I hope reading this third introductory piece on Ecommerce salaries from 2016 – 2018 has given you the opportunity to think about your own career path and where you sit within the industry.

If you are looking to read more, and are interested in other roles within Ecommerce, for example; Data Analytics, Performance Marketing, Digital Design etc. then please download our 2018 salary survey!

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