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Our 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report is launching in two weeks! That’s right – there’s not long to wait until you can hear exclusive ecommerce industry insights.

How can you get a copy of the report?

We will be sharing our 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report across our Twitter and LinkedIn channels. So, if you're not already following us, do it now!

You will be able to download a digital copy for free but if you would like a print copy, get in touch with us.

Are you coming to the #PandaPounds Launch Party?

You may be aware of our #PandaPounds launch party already, but if you're not then this is your lucky day. 

Every year, we launch the exclusive ecommerce industry insights with a presentation from our panda chief Jonathan. The event gives you the chance to get your paws on a free print copy of the report, complimentary snacks and drinks (including the cranberry panda bellini) and a wonderful chance to network with fellow ecommerce professionals.

The party takes place in Dirty Martini, Bishopsgate, on the 24th of April. Want to know more? Check out our Eventbrite page for all the details, and your chance to get a FREE ticket...

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