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Do you have a PPC job interview approaching but you’re not sure how to stand out from the crowd? Performance Marketing, including jobs in PPC, is one of our many ecommerce specialisms so we thought we would share five panda pointers to get you that shiny and new PPC job. 

1) Hand pick your biggest PPC successes

This is a PPC job interview, so it’s a given that you’ll want to have plenty examples of how you’ve made PPC a success in a previous role.

So, whether you’re going through a campaign that was a runaway success, how you made positive changes to the AdWords account for a business or how you built the PPC channel from scratch, make sure you know the necessary stats. Go a bit further and explain how these successes can really help you do great things in this new role too!

2) Knowing the PPC activity of the competitors

One of the vital ingredients for a successful PPC job interview is knowing what the competitors are up to. Researching a brand's competitors should be part of your job interview preparation anyway, but as this is for a PPC job, focus on this area in particular.

Check out the most sought-after keywords and find out how competitive the space is. What are they saying or offering in their PPC ads to pull in customers? Once you have some insight, simply make some quick notes on how you would compete and take your potential employers ahead in the PPC race.

3) Highlight your passion for PPC

We’re sure you have a passion for the PPC channel if you’re preparing for a PPC job interview. However, you need to convey how passionate you are for every aspect of the PPC journey – and not just getting quick results.

Why do you love brainstorming for a brand new campaign? What excites you about the creativity of ad copy? Why is analysis and optimisation of PPC campaigns the highlight of your week? Once they know you’re passionate about the entire cycle of a campaign, talk them through why you excel at each stage and what makes you different!

4) The importance of other Digital Marketing channels

Once again, you’re going to do your research for the company you are interviewing with regardless of the role. However, when it comes to a PPC job interview you should be clued up on all the activity of the Digital Marketing output.

Prove that you can communicate with the entire team, including the ecommerce merchandising teams, so that everything your PPC campaign will offer is going to be accurate once a customer clicks through. You don’t want to offer a 50% discount on an ad only for there to be no sign of the discount once they click through! Show how your efforts on PPC will fit nicely with all the marketing channels and you will impress with your background knowledge of brand activity.

5) Provide examples of your growth throughout your career

Getting to grips with an AdWords account for any brand will take time. In your PPC job interview, you should be ready to provide examples of struggles you have had throughout your career and how you overcame them. Embrace the mistakes and show that you have come a long way to be at that interview!

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