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Posted: 10th of April 2017 by Amanda Kouwenhoven

Get your paws on £100 of men's grooming products!


Fancy getting your paws on £100 of men's grooming products?

You do? Well then, read on...

Our well-groomed friends over at ILK London have created an incredible cranberry panda competition. Simply head on over to the cranberry panda and ILK London competition page, enter your details and you'll go into the draw to win £100 of men's grooming products. Easy!

How well do you know ILK London?

For those of our you who aren't familiar with ILK London, here's a little background...

ILK London is a shoppable online magazine, full of inspiration, how-to guides and a selection of tried and tested products. So, if you're a guy (sorry, ladies - please pass this on to a friend / boyfriend / husband and we'll have something nice for you very soon!) and you want to know how you can: a.) achieve and maintain the latest looks, b.) understand more about your skin type and how to tame your hair and, c.) choose the right hair and skin products, this is the online magazine for you!

Gone are the days of wasting time reading ingredients you don't understand in your local high street store. Each product you see on ILK London has been rigorously tested by everyday guys. Guys who each have a different level of grooming regime. Guys who have everyday concerns like dry skin, untameable hair... They've shared their thoughts and advice to help you make the best possible choices (without having to spend hours on the high street!). 

Sound interesting? Visit the ILK London website, be inspired and watch a couple of the brand's latest videos (they're really good!). BUT before you go... don't forget to enter yourself in the cranberry panda and ILK London competition. £100 worth of goodies could be yours! The competition closes on April 30th so don't paws, enter today 


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