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Posted: 6th of October 2017 by Ashleigh St Hill

'Have you met herbivore?' - Introducing our new panda, Ashleigh!

Panda News

Say hello to Ashleigh! Our new Ecommerce Resourcer tells us all about her first week working at cranberry panda! As you can tell from her blog title, she's quite a fan of a good panda pun...

As an apprentice, entering a professional environment which I had no previous knowledge of is a very new and unnerving experience. However, the opportunity to meet the team briefly prior to my first day gave me a lot of confidence that the week ahead was going to be just fine!

I have been at cranberry panda for almost a week now, I already feel a part of the panda pack! A very warm welcome and an approachable friendly tribe has enabled me to freely be myself whilst settling into my new habitat. 

The arrangement of one to one contact time has allowed me the chance to talk to each member individually and comfortably. It was interesting to discover more about each pandas journey and how they became a cranberry flavoured panda. Some of the topics we covered included an explanation of their ecommerce specialism, previous work experience, obstacles they have encountered and overcome, as well as what I can expect as a newbie.

Everyone has been very reassuring and consistently made it clear that they are always happy to offer a helping paw. The conversations gave me an insight to the culture here at cranberry panda which provided me with more than enough encouragement that I am in the right place to begin my career in ecommerce recruitment

First week activities

This week I have participated in various activities to develop my understanding of the industries and terminology within the digital world (I have no idea what half of the terms & acronyms mean so I put together a jargon busting key words and definitions list). With the help of the team teaching me the panda mindset, combined with the power of the internet to aid my own research I was able to write REAL job advertisements that went live on site (No pressure for your first couple of days hey!) 

That was a success thanks to a supportive team with clear direction. Additionally, I completed a mini challenge that directly links to my soon to be role as Ecommerce Resourcer. As a result, I feel as though can hit the ground running and immerse myself completely, preparing me well for the following weeks ahead, where I will be able to fully participate and get involved to help the team. I couldn’t be more excited!

I had the opportunity to join the panda pack on a team outing to crazy golf, which was so fun! The competition became intense; however, it is refreshing to be a part of a crew that knows how to play just as hard as they work! All I have to say about crazy golf is that- “Golf is a game where the ball lies poorly and the golfers lie well” if you know what I mean- we still don’t quite know who the true winner is, although Haley gave everyone a run for their money.

Connect with Ashleigh today!

If you're looking for a new ecommerce opportunity, or searching for a new member of your team, connect with Ashleigh to arrange a chat...

If Ashleigh's story has got you interested in a career in ecommerce recruitment, find out about working at cranberry panda...we're always on the hunt for new pandas to join the team!

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