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It’s a big day at cranberry towers, as our ecommerce career mentor Desiree steps into the limelight! You might be familiar with our #CareerCounsel series, full of useful career insights and advice for a whole host of situations.

Desiree is the panda behind this series, but now it’s time for it to evolve. Say hello to #AskDesiree!

What makes #AskDesiree the ideal ecommerce career mentor?

#AskDesiree is inspired by the ecommerce industry and the wonderful people who work within it, keeping it growing and moving every day.

Responsibilities in the ecommerce industry are so broad; digital marketing professionals executing new campaigns, ecommerce teams ensuring a seamless online shopping experience and digital design teams creating an easy to use, visually appealing website. That’s not all…you have the Web & Data Analytics teams gathering customer data and optimising conversions, PPC heroes dreaming up new ways to attract customers…we could go on.

What we’re trying to say is the industry is so broad that the professionals who are the driving force behind it will have so many different career questions. An ecommerce manager might want advice on how to be a Head of Ecommerce while a performance marketer might want to know what the transition to a high growth start up entails. The possibilities are endless…and that’s where Desiree comes in!

How can I ask Desiree my ecommerce career questions?

Desiree, our ecommerce career mentor wants to hear your questions, so you can get them to her by either:

The format is simple…Desiree will pick the most relevant questions related to ecommerce careers and answer them in her own blog feature. Here are some things to know…

  • Submissions will remain anonymous…no names will be mentioned in the blog feature and Desiree will focus on answering your question.
  • All questions submitted via email will be answered through the blog features and not through email replies.
  • If your question is sent through email, Desiree will let you know when your question will feature in the blog.

What are you waiting for?

If you have an ecommerce career related question, Desiree the ecommerce career mentor wants to hear it! Get in touch with her today! 


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