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Intro to Cranberry Panda

As I am coming to find out, work experience is essential in the working world of today and for someone still in school, this can feel quite daunting!  Before coming to cranberry panda, I had only the murkiest notions of what eCommerce and recruitment was; but since coming here ive been exposed to a fun and vibrant field of work completely different to everything I was expecting it to be i.e boring and stuffy office work.

Obviously, I am here to work and so some office work is to be expected but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and stuffy, a motto which I feel was followed quite well during my time here!

The Early Days: Days 1-3

In the first part of the week I took on tasks of varying difficulty; what started as managing the twitter feed developed into the opportunity to create a job advert (which was tougher than I thought!)  and so I took a look into what actual recruitment is like; exploring the admin side to things quickly became a staple in my experience.

Don’t be fooled though! Many of the tasks were out of the box and creative, and were loads of fun to do- for example I got to let loose and completely revamp the company board (where all the current partners are) after a wee bit of admin…

The Golden Days: Days 4-5

On the last leg of the journey, so to speak, I took a deeper look into what ecommerce actually is about through some marketing research, and I was able to explore more of the concepts behind ecommerce, for example the importance of customer context and personalisation towards a successful job. Around this point I felt more confident in everything I was doing...I even went back to writing job another job ad which I found much easier to do!

End thoughts (#pensivepanda)

Overall work experience at cranberry panda has been great; while it was a bit nerve wracking the first day, within an hour I felt completely settled and comfortable to explore! The rest of the week completely flew by and before I knew it was the last day and I found myself writing this blog. Over my week here I have felt challenged in each task but never enough to be out of my depth thanks to the fantastic efforts of everyone in the office - a special thanks to both Chris and Jonathan for looking out for me the whole week!

Anyway, I feel suitably enlightened about the world of ecommerce- I know there’s still loads for me to learn so who knows maybe this isn’t the last that the pandas see of me?

Any advice for other young people doing work experience?

Squeeze all that you can out of your work experience; if you’re lucky enough to have found great work experience like I was, don’t complain or be lazy! You’ll find that it’s a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved if you don’t! Use your week to become well accustomed to the field and hopefully you’ll feel like you know more by the end of the week!


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