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cranberry panda is an Ecommerce specialist recruitment agency that works exceptionally hard 365 days a year to be proud of what we do. It is a company that gives its consultants control of their desks and pushes them every step of the way to reach their career goals – whatever they may be.

Nowadays, companies bragging about how good they are can come across as egotistical, in an industry that is constantly fighting to show it is the best. When the awards season comes around though, a few blogs or hints may appear from eager agencies, encouraging the public to see what they do.

But, today is the day we can proudly put our panda paws to the sky and shout (with a face full of bamboo) about being put forward for an award by our candidates and clients!

cranberry panda was surprised yesterday to learn that we have been nominated for ‘Best Small Recruitment Agency’! Two years ago, we won this award and this year our ambitious candidates and inspiring clients have decided we deserve another crack at it.

Unsurprisingly, the UK has in fact the highest density of recruitment agencies found anywhere in the world. Which shows we are in the prime location for making a real impact on the industry. 

We want to give a HUGE congratulations to the other nominees in this year’s ‘Best small recruitment agency’ 2018 awards! They are names we recognise and for a good reason – we hope you are celebrating wildly with your teams.

  • Amiqus
  • Carrot Pharma
  • Certus Recruitment Group
  • Charles Hunter Associates
  • cranberry panda - oh wait, that's us!
  • Give a Grad a Go
  • PIE Recruitment
  • Service Care

cranberry panda recruit across the entire Ecommerce sector from data analytics, through to product management and digital design. We have recently set up our contracts division which is making huge strides of progress and placements with globally known brands. In other exciting news we are growing our team with an extension to the digital design department in UX! Along with adding a new principal consultant to cover senior digital marketing through to CRM and performance marketing.

We give our consultants the chance to specialise in a certain field, so they are best equipped with the knowledge and industry insights! But, enough about work, what are we like as a company? Are we a typical recruitment company all about the digits and not its employees? NO WAY!

We took some time to ask a few of our consultants on what they think makes us different: (do not worry we only bribed with them with some chocolate and champagne!)

What is it about working for cranberry panda that you love? Why do you believe in the benefit the company has for clients and candidates?

Mary Haddad - Principal Consultant / Senior Ecommerce Manager, Online Trading & Merchandising

“The people. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive, understanding, knowledgeable and an all-round fabulous CEO and manager. We are all specialists. We listen. We know how to find you the right candidate / right job. We understand how crucial hires are for a business. We get it.”

Chris Cox - Marketing Manager

“Here at cranberry panda, it’s all about community. Not only for the team of pandas, but for our candidates and clients too. Our purpose is creating happiness, one job at a time and as a community we achieve this. From placing candidates to creating a great online experience for our website visitors, we believe happiness is always created. Of course, the company wide passion for all things ecommerce helps too!”

Aimi Walker - Ecommerce Consultant / Web Analytics, CRO, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

“I love working at cranberry panda because everybody is able to express their own identity and we all live by our core values to make sure everyone in the company contributes their opinion to business decisions. We are an extension to the ecommerce industry and have more knowledge than any other agency on the market, so can provide the best information for both client hiring plans and candidates career goals.”

Again, congratulations to the other nominees and thank you to our candidates and clients who feel we deserve a place in this year’s nominations! We really do our jobs everyday to help you in the best way we can, and we are so pleased to see this is being received!

Lots of love and panda appreciation ...

The cranberry panda embarrassment  


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