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Posted: 15th of November 2017 by Chris Cox

OPERA & cranberry panda: The 2017 Christmas Challenge

Panda News

I’m a recruiter…GET ME OUT OF HERE!

The catchphrase above might sound familiar, though it’s usually annoying celebrities screeching it in the Australian jungle. This year, we are taking part in the 2017 Christmas Challenge organised by OPERA, and we will be tackling our very own bushtucker trial…EEK!

Who are OPERA?

The OPERA Global Youth Foundation is a cause that is close to our hearts! As you know, we love to find ecommerce professionals the perfect job, so they can thrive both at work and in their personal lives. Sadly, some circumstances mean young people don’t always have the easiest start to their careers and adult lives. That’s where OPERA come in.

The team at OPERA say:

“Not having the skills or means with which to earn your way out of poverty is both degrading and disempowering. The trap of poverty, homelessness, abuse, crime, violence, poor mental health and addiction puts young people at risk of becoming not just unemployed but unemployable.”

Their work helps 18-24 year olds find, gain and remain in employment. From helping with travel costs to interviews to helping them buy an outfit for interviews, they strive to make the lives of these youths better. In fact, they strive to help them really start their lives afresh. What a great mission! Find out more about their wonderful work on the website.

The Big Christmas Challenge – how are we getting involved?

Here are some details about OPERA’s 2017 Christmas Challenge, how we are supporting and how you can help the cause:

  • The challenge begins on the 28th November at midday and runs until the 5th December. During this time, everyone involved will take on a challenge of some kind, from bushtucker trials to chilli challenges!
  • The pandas have decided to go for the bushtucker trial, because why wouldn’t we want to chow down on insects? Keep an eye out on the 28th November for many pictures and videos of the challenge…we’ll be sure to share them on our social channels!
  • During the Big Challenge period, you can donate to the cause! We will share the link throughout the Big Christmas Challenge period and you can support this wonderful organisation. You’re not supporting us for eating a few bugs…you’re supporting the many youths who need help to get their lives started.
  • Every penny up to £20,000 will be doubled. So, if the pandas and the other companies supporting the cause manage this, we can potentially raise up to £40,000! Now that’s amazing!

Show your support: You can donate to the OPERA Global Youth Foundation right here! Remember all donations from the 28th of November to the 5th of December will be doubled!

Remember, remember, the 28th of November

The Big Christmas Challenge kicks off on the 28th, and that’s when we will be taking on our trial! Be sure to tune into Twitter & Instagram if you feel like laughing at us…we don’t mind! (Hashtags to keep in mind…#ChristmasChallenge17 & #THRIVE) 

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