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Posted: 14th of December 2018 by Tessa Fyson

Panda Q&A - Data Analyst Consultant Aimi Walker

Career Path, Panda Life

Our stunning Aimi Walker is soon to be leaving us for her next adventure! It was amazing to hear how she loved working here but due to circumstances out of her control it is time to move on. We will miss her very much and absolutely stay in touch for our AMAZING cranberry panda book club! (Yes, we are very cool here)

Question 1: What have you enjoyed most from your time here at cranberry panda?

I’ve enjoyed the variety of companies work with across ecommerce, from the well-established high street retailers, to luxury fashion brands to tech scale ups and marketing agencies. It’s been really fun building ecommerce teams from scratch with the other pandas and being responsible for the talent in some of the most revolutionary, ground-breaking companies in the industry. I also have loved taking more of a consultative approach with our clients – advising them on the market and being considered part of ecommerce rather than just a recruitment agency. The events community has been really rewarding as well – I love listening to speakers about what exciting projects they’re working on and networking to find out more about how analytics is growing. In addition to what I enjoy from a commercial perspective, I have loved all the personal benefits you get at cranberry panda, such as 1-2-1 private life coaching sessions and group training around how our individual strengths can contribute to where we want to be as a collective. You always feel included here.

Question 2: If you could give any advice to someone joining cranberry panda what would it be?

My advice to anyone joining cranberry panda would be to embrace the company values in everything you do. Inspiration and stimulus for this is all around you in your fellow pandas.

Question 3: What have you learnt from being here?

I’ve learnt to always be myself – there’s not a ‘professional Aimi’ persona that I switch on when I walk into the office. I’ve learnt to adapt certain aspects of myself and respond with the right attitude for the situation. Also, to quote the Power of One, mix the head with the heart, and you’re ahead from the start! Intention is everything when you’re communicating, and if it’s coming from a good place then you can never be wrong.

Question 4: You have been recruiting for some time now! What are your highs and lows of being a recruiter?

The lows are low in recruitment when they feel out of your control, but what matters is having the support of a positive team around you to not only cheer you up, but help you solve problems! During those times when you have interviews cancelled, zero replies to your inMails and vacancies you’ve built a killer five CV shortlist for goes on hold, it’s always helpful to be reminded you’ve survived this all before. Apart from the obvious financial highs that come with earning commission for your hard work, your team are the ones who will keep you focused, committed and hungry for success!


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