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Let's find out a little more about Jade shall we? Oh, and yes she does dance to Michael Jackson A LOT! Just to confirm that before you read it below. 

What did you want to do with your life and as a job growing up?

"I wanted to be a film star! None of this theatre business, I wanted to be the most famous actress ever. Which is hilarious as I can’t think of anything worse than being in the limelight now. I’d be the worst interviewee! I’m still a massive drama queen though, of course!"

You have won 5 million pounds! How would you spend your millions?

"PUPPIES, PUPPIES, PUPPIES! And chocolate. And clothes. Maybe a house I suppose (or a few around the world) But mostly puppies. On a serious note I’d definitely want to set up a dog rescue centre and place for them to live happily ever after. I would cry every single day, especially seeing them in pain, but it would be worth it for them to live their best lives (getting emotional thinking about it!)"

You have been hired as an actress! Congratulations! What films would you want to star in and who would be your red carpet date?

"I’d want to star in a variety of films – romcoms, comedies, thrillers – anything that would challenge me. Definitely wouldn’t want to be pigeonholed to the same type of character every time. I don’t think I’d enjoy working on sci-fi, western or GOT type stuff. I’d happily do TV too – I love a good drama! My date? Could I have a different one every time? That’s so hard. Erm… Ryan Reynolds definitely! Tom Ellis is a favourite of mine at the moment too (he’s in Lucifer), I also love Luke Pasqualino. Wow I’m greedy, there are so many!"

What does your career have in store for you?

"That’s a big question, one I’m still figuring out. What I know is I love where I am right now and I love ecommerce, so I want to continue my journey with Cranberry Panda for as long as they’ll have me! Ultimately I want to keep learning, growing and challenging myself. I’d like to be known as an expert in my market and be the ‘go to’ for market insight, advice, as well as their actual job/candidate hunt."

What do you like most about working for cranberry panda?

"I’ve had a whirlwind first month here and learnt so much already! I love the support from everyone, I can be open, honest & just be myself (literally just been dancing to Michael Jackson in the kitchen) with no judgement. I love how involved in the overall business I can be – that we have the freedom to shape it how we want it. I love the people, the clients and the opportunities I’m getting every day to grow on a personal and professional level. The list could go on…"

We are not just known as only recruiters here at cranberry panda, but unique and incredible individuals. We are a huge mix of personalities, hobbies and opinions but we all have a common interest in that we respect each other. If you go to work each day in a suit that is not you and working with colleagues and a manager who know nothing about you then give us a call! Here we are ourselves with our own styles but still successful! It goes to show you can actually have it all in a job! You do not have to be miserable. Work for us!



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