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Posted: 9th of July 2018 by Laura McManus

Panda Q&A - Ecommerce Contract Consultant Laura!

Career Path, Panda Life

What has been the highlight of your time at cranberry panda so far?

The highlight for me so far would have to be my second day when we had a full day’s training with Craig around our intention, values and purpose in life.  The training itself was amazing and as it was only my second day, it was a great way to break the ice and get to know everyone a bit better.  What really stood out was how close everyone was as a team and now 3 weeks in, it just seems to get better and better!

If you could be invisible for the day, what would you do and why?

Just for a day! That is not enough time…

I would definitely get up to some mischief…play a few pranks on people and freak them out thinking there was some sort of paranormal force nearby! Go to an expensive restaurant and eat whatever I want, rob a bank so I would be rich the next day and most definitely spy on Tom Hardy!!

You have been given the power to gain any talent you want! What would you choose?

To be fluent in lots of different languages so I could travel anywhere I want in the world and be able to communicate with the locals effortlessly.  It would be amazing to hear all their stories!

Congratulations, you have won the lettery - what would you do with your millions?

Oh where do I even start…I have thought about this one too many times!  It would have to be a good few million as well with all I would want to do! 

  • The first thing I would do is book a big holiday somewhere exotic for my friends and family so we could all go and celebrate in style. 
  • I would buy a yacht (or a very big boat) so I could go travelling around the world.  Round up all my travel buddies and take a big trip around South America! 
  • Set up free homeless shelters around Ireland and England.
  • Give some money to my family so they can enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Buy a villa in Ibiza and the list could really go on all day! Haha

What does your future have in store for you here at cranberry panda?

I will be getting my head down in work, so I can build up my knowledge of the market and get myself in a good position! While all the time have lots of fun along the way!

cranberry panda contract division 

Laura has become an incredible addition to our embarrassment, we really do not make it up when we say we are an amazing team! If you are already in recruitment, or looking for an opportunity to work with a company that will appreciate you for you then please do get in touch! Most importantly check out our snazzy new instagram page to find out more about us pandas! 

For all the contract Ecommerce professionals out there, take a look at our contract jobs to see if your next opportunity is available. Laura and Sheena are our contract gurus and so it makes the process a little easier below is a list of the sectors they each cover:


  • Digital Marketing Junior
  • Digital Marketing Senior
  • Search/performance
  • Email/Ecrm


  • Design
  • Content
  • Ecommerce Junior
  • Ecommerce Senior
  • Trading & Merchandising




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