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What does it take to be the Marketing and Communications superstar at Commerce Futures? Commerce Futures is an events and media brand running events across a range of sectors and topics which include eCommerce, digital and technology. Tom Young has been working for Commerce Futures since 2015 and is ready to tell us all about himself and his role at the company!

Marketing Pandas (MP): As Marketing and Communications superstar at Commerce Futures, what does an average day look like?

Tom Young (TY): My average day consists of signing off Commerce Futures email/web content and ensuring it all remains on brand – each Events Executive will send me content to proof & approve. Ensuring the website and social media are kept up-to-date. Exploring new elements to our content strategies, different ways to market our events, as well as social media marketing (LinkedIn, Instagram etc.). I also assist the Events Executives with sourcing Speakers and producing/sourcing alternative content related to any upcoming event themes – blog posts, whitepapers, interviews, speaker Q&A, facts & figures.

I am also charged with the marketing and communications for our overarching business – BuyingTime. Producing email and digital campaigns, suggesting innovative and alternative ways to elevate client campaigns, as well as hosting potential new clients at breakfast roundtable seminars. I’m currently working on a targeted Account-based Marketing (ABM) program to help BuyingTime generate new business and fuel our own lead pool.

MP: Previously you were Team Leader at Waitrose. What was the transition like going into the digital and marketing world?

TY: I have always had an interest, since I was at school, in marketing, content, media and journalism, actually taking my English Language & Literature GCSEs and A-Levels early.

I had been working at Waitrose for a few years and they were starting to cut-back on training and development, so I got my CV together and ventured out into the job market – by happy accident I came across Commerce Futures & BuyingTime.

The transition was definitely a shock to the system initially, as I had never really been office-based and in the “9-to-5 culture” but always customer-facing at Waitrose and on shifts. However, being a Millennial – growing up around technology – and keen to develop my career, I was able to get to grips with the software & systems quite quickly, learn new terminology and develop my content writing, all while on the job.

There were a few similarities between Waitrose and Commerce Futures with them both having loyal brand advocates, good company cultures, as well as the opportunity to grow and learn new skills.

MP: Commerce Futures recently went through a rebrand. Do you have any tips for others who might be going through a rebrand?

TY: My top tips and steps to go through when undertaking a rebrand are:

  • Evaluate your current branding first and what you’re hoping to achieve from a rebrand
  • It’s NOT about what you think is right, but what is right for the business and how the company looks externally
  • Rebranding takes time – be flexible with your timescale
  • Allow provision in your budget for changes and edits
  • Get brand guidelines in place before you start using your new logo/fonts/colours etc. 

MP: What upcoming events for Commerce Futures are you most excited about and why?

TY: Sports & Outdoor (London) – 19th April, 2018 
We’re finally doing an event around sports and outdoor brands/retailers. As I am quite a big sports fan and like to lead an active lifestyle it will be interesting to hear how eCommerce and the rise of digital are shaping this area of the market.

Content & Commerce (London) – 1st May, 2018
This is our FIRST EVER full-day and paid ticket event. Our speaker line-up looks great and we have some case-study breakout sessions too – extra value for our delegates and at a very minimal cost compared to what other events are out there.

MP: If you had a spare hour in the day and could do anything you could imagine, what would you do?

TY: If I could, I would either venture out into Space and explore the Solar System or travel back to the age of the Dinosaurs to see how dangerous and volatile the world was back then and if our representations of Dinosaurs are accurate. Space exploration and History has always fascinated me, and The Natural History Museum is one of my favourite places!

Connect with Tom!

Want to get to know Tom Young more? Connect with him on LinkedIn!

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