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Posted: 14th of December 2015 by Neil A. Arnoux

Panda Q&A: Neil Arnoux, our analytics panda


UPDATE: Neil has left cranberry panda :( He's moved to Amsterdam, ready for a whole new adventure. If you're looking for an data and analytics job, get in touch with Aimi Walker

Next in the hotseat for our Panda Q&As is Neil. It's not the first time he has braved the seat, but we managed to get a few more answers out of him...

What’s the best part about working your specialism at cranberry panda?

The people! What’s not to like about speaking to some of the most intelligent, commercial and insightful people?

What’s your specialism top tip for the ecommerce industry?

Think commercially and know how to tell a story. 

Tell us one fact someone might not know about you

I’m French.

What’s your favourite panda trivia?

Pandas have 6 fingers on each paw that help them hold bamboo and remove the plant's stems and leaves before eating.

You can explore any planet in the universe – which do you pick?

Uranus...as it's not visible to the naked eye.

Most analytical person you know

Alan Turing 


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