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Posted: 17th of December 2015 by Jonathan Hall

Panda Q&A: Our chief panda Jonathan Hall

eCommerce, Career Path, Panda Life, Panda News

Founder, chief panda, running enthusiast...just a few ways to describe Jonathan. But what does he have to say? Find out in the latest of our panda Q&A's...

What’s the best part about being the chief panda at cranberry towers?

The most rewarding part is helping the whole team to grow both individually and as a happy ambitious team. Watching everyone get better each day makes everything worthwhile.

What’s your ecommerce top tip?

Talk to people. There are so many bright and interesting people in ecommerce happy to share with and learn from each other. There is always someone willing to have a chat about what does and doesn’t work.

Tell us one fact someone might not know about you

I DJ’ed to 800 people with Danny Rampling – it was quite a long time ago!

If you were a wild panda for the day, what would you do?

Find the most crazy white water rafting route in the world and have a go at that or be the first panda to skydive.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever run in one go?

So far it was the Hardmoors 160, which was160 miles across the Yorkshire Moors...43 hours without any sleep! My next run will be the Thames Ring 250 next June, which is 250 miles within 100 hours...

Your childhood hero?

I used to wish I was Evel Knievel doing daring jumps on a motorbike. My BMX was almost the same thing. He broke 35 bones over the years which kind of put me off. 

If you want to speak to Jonathan about finding a new ecommerce superstar for your team or a great ecommerce role, why not connect on LinkedIn?


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