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Posted: 3rd of January 2018 by Ben Lerch

Panda Q&A: Our Ecommerce Consultant Ben

Panda News

It's time for our first Panda Q&A of 2018! Our ecommerce recruitment consultant, Ben, is the latest person to brave the hot seat...

What has been the best thing about joining the panda team so far?

The cake. SOOO MUCH CAKE. I think I had cake 3 times in my first 2 weeks – not that I'm complaining. The team were also very supportive and welcoming from the get go.

The company motto “Work hard, Cake hard” is already part of my daily life. Might get it tattooed…..

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Electronic Music/Production is a big passion of mine, so I will often be sat in my room listening to individual instruments (e.g. drums, vocals, synth) for hours on end. Which must drive my neighbours up the wall.

Tell us one fact people might not know about you

I used to go out with Brian Eno’s daughter and got to meet U2 and Coldplay through him! I later got to record Coldplay in his London studio. Also, I’m a die hard Spice Girls fans.

What superhero power would you have and why?

Definitely super speed. For SO many reasons but mainly because I could get up a minute before work, get dressed, showered and zip over in a matter of seconds. Oh the lie ins…..

If you could have a drink with one celebrity/public figure, who would it be and why?

Hmmm, dead or alive? If dead, probably Michael Jackson – because he’s a bit nuts but also a musical genius.

Alive would be Elon Musk. Fascinating guy -aside for founding PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla, he has built himself from nothing. Most of what he knows, is self taught. Maybe he’ll take me to Mars….

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