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Posted: 10th of October 2017 by Chris Cox

Supporting Sanctus and the ‘Mental Health Pledge’

Panda News

Today (10th October) is World Mental Health day and we are supporting our friends at Sanctus as they continue their mission to make mental health in the work place something we can all talk about.

The pandas have been working with Sanctus for a year now. Every month, our Sanctus coach comes to cranberry towers to talk with us individually, giving us the opportunity to talk about mental health and general wellbeing. This can be in relation to work or our personal lives and it’s safe to say the team have really embraced the monthly Sanctus visits.

I asked some of the pandas how Sanctus has helped them in the past year…

“It’s given me a forum to debate and reflect on situations and reactions I have – whether that be at work or in my personal life. It’s given me awareness and talking about my/colleagues’ mental health and well-being is no longer taboo.”

“The Sanctus coaching sessions have definitely made a difference over the past year. I had no idea what to expect when we had our first session and wasn’t sure if it was for me…a year on, I can say I was definitely proven wrong!”

The Mental Health Pledge

Today, Sanctus are launching their ‘Mental Health Pledge’ which is a commitment employers can make to encourage an environment where mental health is not a taboo. Panda chief Jonathan has signed the pledge, and is very much behind Sanctus and their mission. Here’s what Jonathan had to say…

“Since starting to work with Sanctus there has been an increased openness amongst the team and a sense that we all have areas where we could use support. It feels like there is more acceptance of personal issues and when it’s appropriate for that person to share these.”

Sanctus and the Mental Health Pledge









“Our company purpose is to ‘Create Happiness – One Job at a Time’ and being both physically and mentally fit helps this happen. Having a confidential conversation with a coach allows the team to discuss anything that they need support with. The sessions are always looked forward to now and it has become the norm to say, ‘I’m off to my Sanctus chat, see you later’. “

“The need to support and acknowledge mental health is vital to having a team who can increasingly cope with the pressures at work and also those outside the office. The Sanctus sessions help to make the guys better and that is the foundation of our values. They open up ways of thinking that make the internal relationships stronger.”

So why did we sign the pledge? As Jonathan said, our purpose is to create happiness for our candidates, clients and ourselves. As a recruitment company, we talk to people about their work lives every day and fully understand how stressful moments at work can sometimes get the better of people.

We fully support Sanctus and the ‘Mental Health Pledge’ because we believe there is a need for it in the workplace and we couldn’t really imagine cranberry panda without the Sanctus sessions now. 

Support the Mental Health Pledge

Keep your eyes open on social media today, particularly for #TheMentalHealthPledge. If you want to learn more about the pledge and how you can get behind it for your own team, find out more info on the Sanctus website

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