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Posted: 20th of July 2017 by cranberry panda team

The End of my Internship Adventure

Career Advice & Tips

After two busy weeks, I have come to the end of my time here at cranberry panda. From exploring google analytics to making social media posts and writing blogs, it has definitely been an internship to remember. I have learnt loads that I will take with me into the future!

The opportunity has been amazing and I am extremely appreciative to Jonathan, who allowed me to join his fabulous team! Before coming, I knew little about ecommerce and business marketing in general and only being here for two weeks, I never would have imagined leaving with so much new knowledge. As this was my first proper experience of a workplace, I have also learnt lots about how things work in an office, including basic things like communicating over email (which strangely worried me at first) and making sure I get here on time! One of the most exciting things was hearing terminology and theory I had learnt when studying business at school, come to life.

Working in marketing…

Working in marketing has, without a doubt, been the highlight of my experience. My eyes have been opened to the diverse set of skills it takes to be in marketing (knowing the basics of coding being the one that most took me to surprise), and the range of things the job involves. Amanda and Chris have, despite being very busy people, gone to the effort to make sure that I always have something valuable to do. From sitting in on their meetings, to giving me mini lessons on things like SEO and the consumer decision process, I have been involved and included in so much throughout my time here.

One of the things I love the most about cranberry panda is the fact that it is so fast paced and exciting all the time. There is never a dull moment when working in cranberry towers! The team are so much fun and although they are always working hard, they make sure to have a laugh along the way too.

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