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Posted: 7th of August 2017 by Kai Neuvill

The week I turned into a panda

Panda News

Introducing our new junior ecommerce recruitment consultant, Kai Neuvill!

So, it’s the first Friday of August and I’ve just finished my first week of becoming a fully pledged panda. So far, the experience has been fantastic. Who knew the life of a panda could be so exciting! Everyday I am greeted with a warm welcome from everyone, which is always a nice feeling (especially for those dreaded Monday mornings). Everyone in the office has really made the effort to make me feel right at home here and I have looked forward to coming into work everyday.

Previously, I worked for a recruitment company for a short period. I worked in their market research and insight division, which was great experience and allowed me to get my foot into the recruitment door. Before recruitment, I used to work in the flagship store of a retail company. 

Working at cranberry towers

It is very clear to see that everyone in the office is very focused collectively and individually, but also know how to have a good laugh which to me is quite important for the working life. Everyone you speak to in the office oozes passion for their ecommerce specialism, which for me is very refreshing to see. This team of pandas have an abundance of knowledge and have been very open in sharing their expertise with me in such an engaging way. I feel like a sponge absorbing everything I can. 

The focus of this week has been all about finding my feet and getting to know the Ecommerce sectors in the business. I have spent one to one time with everyone in the office, really getting to know them a little better and the sector they specialise in. As I am still new to the world of ecommerce this has been extremely helpful as it has broadened my perspective and helped me figure out what specialism I feel I can make the biggest impact in.

Looking forward to a cranberry panda future

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the start I’ve made at cranberry panda. The company ethos and the direction it is heading in, is what swayed my decision to choose them over the other companies that were on offer. I’m thankful for the opportunity Jonathan has given me here. There is a belief instilled that the world is your oyster from day one, I have felt apart of team and I can’t wait to get going on this adventure and take the bull by the horns. 

Connect with Kai today...

Now that Kai has settled into life at cranberry panda, you can connect with him on LinkedIn today!

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