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Be proud of what you have achieved!

It is an incredible and life affirming moment to look back on your CV and see the progression you have achieved. It is something to be celebrated and at cranberry panda we genuinely hope you enjoyed every step of the way (even the parts that could have been easier).

What happens next? We place so much emphasis on going from strength to strength and building our knowledge and skillset, but what happens when you reach the top? Are you meant to just stop and stay in that role till retirement?

Why stop now? You have learnt so much!

In response to the questions above, we say hell no! You do not reach that senior title and just stop learning or progressing. Especially within the Ecommerce industry, we have seen drastic changes to the market and the Ecommerce world is ever growing and evolving. For you senior professionals out there you are going into this with an advantage – years of experience!

After deliberation we have concluded that you have three options moving forward: 

  • Use your wisdom and industry knowledge to mentor others. Pass on everything you have learnt to those looking to follow in your footsteps.
  • Change sector or industry! For the most part being in a senior position means being a master of all trades and understanding much more then just one specialism. So why not try a different brand, company, industry or role? You have nothing to lose! After working so hard, why not take some time to yourself to try new avenues. If you have always worked in fashion, move across to beauty or an international retailer. Why not!
  • Do nothing. Stay in your current position and just accept that you have done all you can! Ride that wave till retirement! (By the way, there is nothing wrong with feeling you have reached your goals)

What is the next step?

Up until now you have probably showed recruiters the exit when they have approached you regarding a role. You are in a prime, envied position in that you are in no rush. You can take your time to decide if a new job description is what you have been looking for. One tip we would provide for professionals at your seniority is to think about what is important to you moving forward.

  • Is it more money?
  • Freedom to move to a different location and work from home? (You may be already but are you looking for more of a work life balance?)
  • Start to work on a consultancy basis for a brand or even multiple brands?
  • Trying a new brand or Ecommerce sector?
  • Finding a position that you love for your own enjoyment more than paying the bills?

No matter what title and seniority, being afraid of a move is normal!

Many people think that when you are just starting your career or in a junior position, that is when you should fear moving roles! That is not correct at all – the correct answer is, it doesn’t matter on your seniority. Whether you are just starting out and afraid of looking ‘jumpy’ on your CV, or you are a Senior Manager / Director that has been with a company for over 5 years, you may be afraid of leaving what you have built. Especially for senior professionals, when work tends to take up 23 hours of your 24-hour day, it is hard to break away. You are relied on heavily and the hassle of moving may seem more trouble then what it is worth. But just bear in mind … you have given everything to your job and your career has for the most part been your baby, when do you get to step back and enjoy what you do?


Here at cranberry panda we specialise in Ecommerce roles from Junior through to Senior/Director levels. If you are interested in finding out what we can do for senior professionals, then please get in touch with us.


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