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Digital@Scale is a morning event where senior leaders within digital, technology and change roles will share their experiences and offer “real world” guidance for those facing disruptive competition. For senior leaders facing these challenges across so many organisations - we are sure that the collective wisdom and expertise assembled will help you “move the needle”.

Throughout the morning they will be discussing:

  • The challenges of delivering digital solutions at scale - within large and complex businesses
  • Why, what and how’s of embedding digital skills within large organisations (Creating urgency in the organisation, Developing a plan in your business model & core capability, Using the tools, structures, environment & processes in place and scaling it)
  • How to drive digital transformation at scale? 
  • Converting to new methodology whilst driving measurable outcomes (Agile at scale, governance etc...)
  • Transforming & scaling the whole foundation of the organisation
  • Breaking the gravitational pull & legacy of the brand whilst being successful with the transformation
  • Transforming the core —> transformation at scale
  • Fundamentally changing the business model - gaining permission from shareholders and stakeholders alike
  • Customer engagement whilst driving revenue modules
  • Promoting new capabilities to drive new business
  • Reinventing the new business architecture to deliver the best customer experience
  • Evolving & recreating the foundation of the organisation

Guest Speakers will include:

Anthony Flack: Head of Mobile Delivery, Santander

Chris Micklethwaite: Independent Expert 




Event Details

  • June 26th, 2018

  • 58VE 58 Victoria Embankment London EC4Y 0DS

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