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2017 ecommerce salary survey and insights report

Our 2017 ecommerce salary survey and insights report (aka #PandaPounds) is here! Covering everything from ecommerce salary benchmarks to work-life balance, it’s a must-read for anyone with an interest in the online retail industry.

What’s in our 2017 ecommerce salary survey?

  • changes in ecommerce salaries in 2016-2017 and expectations for 2017
  • salary benchmarks for junior to senior level professionals working within the following ecommerce specialisms:
    • ecommerce
    • digital marketing
    • web analytics and conversion rate optimisation
    • data analytics, data science and business intelligence
    • digital design and UX/UI design
    • content
  • the gender pay gap in online retail
  • work-life balance in 2017
  • reasons why employees quit and essentials in a role
  • employee benefits within the online retail sector
  • expectations of the hiring process

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Report release date: April 25th 2017. Need a print copy of our report? Get in touch.

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