The 2022 eCommerce salary survey & insights report

The latest eCommerce industry developments from a digital recruitment perspective

It's 2022, which means only one thing...time for a new eCommerce salary survey & insights report! Over 500 professionals took part, giving us plenty of fresh insights to share. The questionnaire covered everything; salary benchmarks, work-life balance insights and workplace happiness sentiments, to name but a few.

The go to report for eCommerce & digital recruitment insights

Our annual salary survey report has been downloaded by thousands across the industry each year. It provides exclusive statistics from the eCommerce world, particularly from a digital & eCommerce recruitment perspective. 

For our candidates, and other job seekers in the industry, it offers advice that can help them really position themselves better in a competitive space. The salary benchmarking gives valuable information on what other people are being paid and the work-life balance section allows professionals to determine what will make them happy.

For hiring managers, the report has been invaluable when creating their recruitment strategy. Targeting the best talent has become tougher, and will continue to be in 2022. It will all be about a great employer branding strategy in the year to come. This includes a big focus on employee wellness and retention!

The report helps you hire eCommerce talent because our respondents are very honest in their assessment of the industry. Candidates share how long they expect a recruitment process to last, what essentials they want from a role, desired salary and their expectations of a good company culture. Using this insight, you can really create a hiring strategy that attracts, and retains, amazing digital talent.

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