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For ten years, cranberry panda have been making waves in the industry with our expert ecommerce recruitment services. We have put together an introductory guide to all things cranberry panda, so we can paint a picture of how we can help you hire ecommerce and digital talent for your team.

Here's what you'll find in our new employer introduction to cranberry panda...

  • Our achievements - the collective noun for pandas may be an 'embarrassment', however we are anything but embarrassed by what we've done over the last ten years! Find out what makes us proud to be pandas.
  • Our ecommerce specialisms - we work on many roles across the ecommerce spectrum. Discover the roles we can assist you with in ecommerce, digital marketing, design & content and web analytics.
  • Who we work with - from high growth start-ups to multichannel retailers, have a look at just some of the wonderful companies we have helped with recruitment.
  • Our services - to make the most out of the recruitment relationship, we explain our exclusive and retained services.

All this, and more, in one handy guide. So, what are you waiting for? Get to know the UK's leading ecommerce & digital recruitment agency today!


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