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Posted: 1st of May 2018 by Sheena Popat

10 reasons to choose contract ecommerce jobs

Career Advice & Tips

As ecommerce continues to grow and mature, the make-up of ecommerce teams is changing to reflect this.

The biggest change that we pandas are noticing is the increased use of skilled ecommerce contractors/interim/freelance to support this growth. Ecommerce teams are now often at a size where bringing in contract resource can be supported without the worry of losing the knowledge.

I reached out to some of our lovely contractors, who have shared the reasons why they moved from permanent to contract.  

Moving from permanent to contract ecommerce jobs – The top ten reasons

  1. Add variety – The day to day can become a touch monotonous! Working in different companies and teams increases the variety and makes work much more interesting. Specialisms such as ecommerce/web design have moved extensively to contract for this very reason
  2. Higher salary – Quite often salaries can be higher which is a big driver. This advantage can be lost if there are gaps between projects.
  3. Work-life balance – You are more in charge of your life. Need to earn more? Work more. Fancy a break? This can more easily be factored in. Work-life balance is a big consideration for contractors in the ecommerce industry.
  4. Fill a gap – Candidates who are seeking permanent roles but are not currently working can avoid any gaps with short term contracts. They can also support them financially and add to their work experience.
  5. Need a quick change – For a variety of reasons, some roles do not work out or office environments change. Contract ecommerce jobs can offer a bamboo branch to someone in a poor environment or situation.
  6. The challenges – Contract jobs are not for everyone. The risks are excitement for some and the constant changes are the challenges people love. Is this right for you?
  7. Avoiding office politics – Particularly at the senior level, there is an advantage to working a contract and being less drawn into personalities and politics.
  8. More influence – Do you ever find that a contractor comes in and they are always believed? Being from the ‘outside’ can be a positive!
  9. Networking benefits – Contractors need a network which is large and/or highly engaged. With new roles often coming from word of mouth, the cliché that you are only as good as your last job rings true.
  10. Develop entrepreneurial skills– Being the sociable person able to engage with new teams, managers and constantly ‘selling’ yourself develops a personality that is increasingly suited to contract ecommerce jobs.

What do you love about contract jobs in ecommerce?

Which one of these rings true of you or is it combination of a few factors?  

I’m heading up our contract division here at cranberry panda and would love to have a chat! Whether you’re looking for a new ecommerce contract job now or want to be considered for the future, I’m the panda for you!

Find contract ecommerce job with cranberry panda!

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