eCommerce Recruitment Case Studies

How we helped leading brands with their eCommerce & Digital recruitment needs

eCommerce Recruitment done right - explore our client case studies!

As a leading eCommerce & Digital Recruitment agency, Cranberry Panda is committed to providing a first-class experience for our clients.

With a segmented candidate database of over 50,000 and an unmatched interview to placement ratio, we are confident in our ability to find you the very best eCommerce talent on the market.

Our approach has seen countless recruitment projects come to a successful conclusion and our relationships with these leading brands continues to flourish. We are an agency who prioritise ongoing client partnerships.

You can explore some of our eCommerce recruitment case studies below. They not only show how we helped these companies, but how we can help you too.

100% recruitment success rate

When it comes to a challenging search, our team is always ready. With a difficult to reach location, paired with the need for immediately available candidates, we got to work!


The first talent partner for Olsam

When a start-up is at seed stage, identifying different talent pools and selling a new business model is no easy task. Helping businesses, new or established, scale their team is what we do best.


Doubling a team headcount

This eCommerce agency consulted with us so that we could help them engage phenomenal talent for roles that really made a difference in their growth. What a great project this was!


Hiring for a new concept

The FBA business model is a rising concept. So, engaging candidates across Europe who were not familiar with this area was definitely a challenge we were ready for.


Attracting senior talent to a start-up

In eCommerce, you will find the very best senior talent in established businesses. So, how can you attract them to your budding start-up business? Here's how we helped Creoate


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