5 benefits of hiring a fractional consultant

Oct 16, 2023 11:05:53 AM

Are you looking to recruit for your eCommerce startup or growing SME? In every business, hiring decisions matter - just one strategic move can make or break your business.

So, how can fractional consultants (or fractional advisors) come into play during your hiring strategy?  These experts offer flexible, on-demand services to help your business thrive. It means there won't be a full-time commitment as there would be with permanent employees.

Differing from eCommerce contractors, fractional consultants are seasoned senior professionals who inject value and direction into your business over a short period of time, depending on your business needs. Today, we wanted to share the top benefits of fractional advisors!

What are the top benefits of fractional talent?

While there are so many advantages to fractional consultants, we will share what we consider to be the five best reasons for hiring one of these experts.

Scalable Resource

Startups and SMEs often face rapid changes in their business environment - especially in the ever-evolving eCommerce industry. Fractional consultants offer an adaptable approach to what they do. As such, they can scale their services up or down to suit you. This flexibility ensures that you receive the right level of support.

Once the business evolves, adjusting the scope of work with your fractional consultant or fractional advisor will become second nature, ensuring that you remain up to date with eCommerce trends and market changes.

Cost Effective

For any growing business, costs are a crucial factor. Hiring a senior figure in a full-time capacity in the early stages can strain your budget. Fractional consultants offer a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to access specialised expertise without the high overhead of a full-time hire. The fractional consultant will outline the key services you need, so you will pay for these alone.

Objective Perspective

Sometimes, internal teams can be too close to a problem to see the solution clearly. Furthermore, in the early stages of a business it can be harder for people to speak up. Fractional consultants offer an unbiased outsider's perspective that can identify solutions, challenges and ways to improve.

These insights and fresh viewpoints can help with informed and difficult decisions to avoid common pitfalls that startups and SMEs can encounter.


In the world of startups and growing SMEs, time is everything. Those early decisions are so critical, so any hesitancy could cost a business. Fractional consultants bring a sense of urgency to your projects, helping you achieve results at pace.

Their experience enables them to hit the ground running, reducing the learning curve and accelerating your business's growth trajectory.

Niche Expertise

Finally, fractional consultants bring a wealth of experience and niche skills to the table. They have frequently navigated diverse industries and companies, ranging from zero to unlimited budgets. This extensive experience equips them to offer customised solutions for your business hurdles.

Marketing, finance, operations... the possibilities are endless. No matter what aspect of your business needs attention, a fractional consultant or fractional advisor can provide the expertise you require to drive growth and innovation.

Bringing fractional consulting to the eCommerce industry

Now that you've discovered the incredible advantages of hiring fractional consultants or fractional advisors, it is the perfect time to explore this option with our team. Want to find out more? Simply click below to find out more about our 'Fractional Talent' services. 

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