A harmonious balance: Work life vs home life

Nov 23, 2015 5:02:21 PM

Being passionate about what you do is amazing. There is nothing better than enjoying what you do and striving to produce great work and ideas daily.

It’s easy to forget WHY you are doing your job when you’re enjoying it, no matter how busy you might be. You’re working to provide for your family, treat yourself once in a while and live comfortably. Hard work does pay off when you get to do these things. But, ignoring your social life is having a negative impact whether you realise it or not.

Workaholic’s anonymous

It’s fair to acknowledge that sometimes you will have a major busy period at work; a colleague is absent, a team member has departed the company or it’s that time of the year where your company sees the most action. If you find yourself doing extra work to accommodate these things, it’s good that you care about what you do and who you work for.

However, it is still no excuse to overwork yourself. It might be that you have less time during some busy periods, but it doesn’t mean you have no time at all! When you leave for the day, make it your mission to not think about work until the following day. Go home, meet some friends or do something you enjoy. Live in that moment, if only for a few hours…it’s good for you!

Be sociable

Don’t presume that being sociable during the week will interfere with your work routine. We are not suggesting you have a big night out all the time, but a few hours with friends for dinner will really help you relax.

You might get to bed that little bit later, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay if you want to catch up with friends. Imagine if someone kept declining your invites to dinner or a catch up because they were too busy. You’d stop inviting them, right? Don’t be that person and say yes once in a while.

Your health comes first

That’s right! Working too hard will be detrimental to you in a big way. You might not feel it, as stress treats everyone differently. Even if you enjoy what you do, doing too much will get to you eventually.

Realise that there are some moments where you don’t have to keep one eye on your emails, and one on the television; binge watch your favourite box set in peace. Have your lunch outside of the office once a week to get a bit of fresh air and give your eyes a break from the screen. 

Your work will improve in the long run

When you are properly rested, or have enjoyed a great weekend with family and friends, you will approach work with great positivity. Your development both in the workplace and out of it is so important to a great balance.

You are working a great job to give yourself a great life. Remember that! 

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