A work of art! The concluding entry in our Design & Creative role focus

Aug 5, 2015 9:23:27 AM

The time has come to wrap up our design and creative jobs miniseries, focusing on the many specialisations one can follow within ecommerce. If you’ve been following this one, you’ll know it’s curtain call for our focus on design and creative roles.

We have focused mainly on skill and tips to stand out, but is there even more to offer? Of course there is…the panda never stops!

Are Design and Creative roles restricted to online?

You’d be forgiven for thinking yes. After all, ecommerce is primarily an online industry. However, there are more ways to interact with the customer with your online offering as the basis. Omnichannel marketing should be embraced, so you can integrate your designs with the help of the offline teams.

It may be your job to design a user experience that teeters between the online and offline worlds. You want to design something that not only brings customers to ALL channels, but keeps you in their mind. Designing visual offline campaigns is important, so demonstrate your understanding of this. Prioritise your digital offerings, especially in an ecommerce environment. However, you can still assist offline teams in translating the brand offline. If a customer, new or existing, sees billboards or magazine publications that stand out, it can bring them to the online store.

Show in your work how presence of the brand is key, both online and offline. You might not have offline duties, but showing you understand them will garner favour.

Traditional advertising and design – is it still important?

As we said, the importance of working with the offline teams is major. You all want your brand to flow, so be willing to work with others. The end goal, online and offline, is to attract the customers and keep them.

The brand has to be seamless, so the design funnels through to the customers. They like familiarity in a brand, and seeing the creativity both online and offline will create some rapport.

Assisting the Marketing, Social and CRM teams

Working closely with other teams will ensure your design is optimised well. What innovations can stand out?

  • Incentives- After designing a brand new app, a digital designer can work with CRM teamsto tempt people into downloading it. What will downloading the app do for the customer?
  • Clever marketing- Topman packaging is a great example of multiple teams combining to create a crossover between online and offline. If the customer does not rip open the packaging in their excitement, the packaging can be used as a shopping bag. This idea welcomes the customer in store, telling them they are not viewed as an online order. Creative design, indeed!
  • Social media experience- Social media feeds might be a way for customers to engage and interact more, so work with the social teams to create a social experience they will appreciate. Furthermore, you can help propel the brand into a wider audience!

Why not study the many ways design can flow both online and offline, and approach a potential role full of ideas? The employer will want innovation, and ideas to create a stand out brand.

Time for a new digital design opportunity?

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