Another intern departs cranberry towers: Miles tells all

Oct 2, 2015 1:59:58 PM

Today marks the end of an era, as Miles completes his second summer internship at cranberry towers. We are not letting him go anywhere until he has told us what he has gained from the experience. Here's his summary...

Today marks the end of my second summer at panda towers. Over the last 15 months I have seen myself transition from an inexperienced intern to a fully fledged member of the team with my own set of valued skills. More than this though, I've seen the company grow and take an exciting shape for the future. 

The main selling point of Cranberry Panda for me will always be the team. Early morning commutes are softened by the fact you're on your way to an office with colleagues who are all driven and engaged, but who also know how to have fun. Everyone has always been willing to give help and advice, with a focus on the success of the group above individuals. This summer in particular, I’ve been fortunate enough to see the team expand and grow and through seeing this culture firsthand I have no doubt that ecommerce recruitment should be prepared for an imminent #pandatakeover.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without Jonathan Hall our boss, to whom I owe a special thanks for being given this opportunity. My time at cranberry panda has shown me just how much of a difference it makes to be working under such a charismatic boss; with his passion for the company and genuine focus on the team’s success a class above what you’d expect.

Overall working at Cranberry Panda has turned out to be one of the best opportunities I've taken, and has opened me up to a number of events and experiences usually not afforded to a university student. Between company training sessions and talks from ecommerce professionals, to attending the MARAs and our salary survey parties, there has always been new ways for me to learn and grow whilst sharing in the successes of the company. While many of these experiences might not end up on my CV I consider them all equally important in my development and future employability. Receiving this early look into the recruitment world has helped to prepare me for life after university, and even if I don't end up following the recruitment path, I know I'll have a wealth of transferable skills to take with me.

A huge farewell to Miles, and the best of luck for his next year of studies. The pandas know it will be a year full of success! But hey, goodbyes are not forever...once a panda, ALWAYS a panda!

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