#AskDesiree: Moving from your first ecommerce job – what to think about

Apr 4, 2018 4:22:01 PM

Your first ecommerce job is bound to be a huge learning curve – but what should you think about when it’s time to fly the nest? I’m back for my monthly slice of ecommerce career advice and the latest question really stood out to me. This ecommerce superstar is coming up to two years in their current ecommerce role and is starting to get itchy feet to explore new opportunities.

However, the potential move is particularly daunting for this #AskDesiree fan – their current role is their first job in the ecommerce industry after three years at university. As I mentioned, your first role in an industry you love will be full of learning and personal planning about where you want to be in the future. Deciding to start a new job search is a big step in your career at any stage but it can be scary for anyone who is still at the early stages of their career.

I’ve outlined some things to think about for the ecommerce superstar who sent in this question which will hopefully help junior ecommerce professionals navigate the ecommerce career path!

Your first ecommerce job – what have you achieved?

First, I recommend you reflect on the time you’ve spent in your first ecommerce job. It’s important in every role that you take from it everything you wanted. Think of it as a job audit where you determine what has been successful and maybe areas you still want to build upon. Here’s a checklist for you…

  • What have I learned in my time here? Make a list of all the skills you’ve got to learn and also think about the life skills that come with adapting to the world of work. What really stands out to you as positive?
  • What would I like to learn more about? Think about the things you haven’t quite built confidence with yet. Are these things you could still take from your current role or would you like to focus on these in a new setting? Make sure you have taken everything you possibly can from a role so that your CV is the best it can be!
  • Am I ready to step outside of my comfort zone? In your first role, there is going to be plenty of room to learn and grow. After this ‘honeymoon period’ (so to speak!) it will be time to step up and challenge yourself. Are you comfortable doing this in a brand new role?
  • What does my next step look like? You’ve hit the ground running in your ecommerce career, but what does the next part of the sprint look like? Put together an imaginary job description but obviously don’t expect your next role to be the same. It will simply help you visualise what you want and make the search a little bit more seamless. Speaking of next steps, did somebody say ecommerce career plan??

Your ecommerce career plan

That’s right - it’s time to consult your ecommerce career plan once you’ve completed your ‘audit’. If you haven’t written a long-term career plan, there’s no better time to do it then now!

Looking at your career plan, what do you want from the new role? Here are some things to think about that could help your career plan run the way you want it to.

  • Extra responsibilities: Will new responsibilities help your progression? Showing you’re willing to try new things and take on extra responsibility will show true character.
  • Progression: Is the potential new role setting you on a natural path of progression? If you’ve got your eye on a management position within three years, will this role get you there?
  • Role essentials: You also need to ask yourself what aspects of a role are essential, aside from progression and responsibilities. Is the team important? Are salary and bonus the biggest attraction? It’s important to know what makes you happy in a role so your career plan stays in place.
  • Know the demand for your skills: When considering moving from your first ecommerce job, you should really understand the market and demand for your skills. Is there enough opportunity so that you’re making the right move, not a quick move?

Don’t be afraid to take the leap

If you really feel you’ve got everything you expected from your first ecommerce job, then what else is holding you back?

It seems the sender of this question is a bit apprehensive and is worried about leaving the career comfort zone. Leaving strong workplace relationships behind might seem tough when you think about starting over with a new group of colleagues. The beauty of the ecommerce industry is that these relationships don’t cease to exist because you chased a new opportunity that works for you.

My advice when wrapping up at your first job is to finish strong, keep in touch and end on a high. When it comes to taking the leap, make sure you’re happy with everything; your commute, the role, the culture and the opportunity to further your career. Ultimately, it’s a big decision to make – but one you will look back on fondly if you navigate it with a clear thought process!

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