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Posted: 23rd of June 2015 by Amanda Kouwenhoven

Beautiful benefits: how to holiday like a proper panda

Panda News

It seemed like only yesterday that we (the pandas) were leaving our Shoreditch home for a team trip to the always beautiful Portugal. Armed with suitcases, suncream and swimsuits, we left London, ready for our sun-filled adventure. 

"What happened next?!", you ask? Well, that's for us pandas to know! It's top secret, sorry. What we can share with you, however, is our top 13 steps to help you holiday like a proper panda.

Step #1: Make your way to a beachside villa in the luxurious Vale de Lobo (or an alternative destination, if must be). Put your suitcase in your preferred room and get your poolside apparel on quick smart!

Step #2: Select a poolside lounge to rest upon. Enjoy the smell of your lunch barbecuing as you apply your suncream (a must for every smart panda!), and sip on a cool drink. 

Step #3: Dip your toe in the pool ... or dive straight in, if you dare. 

Step #4: Eat. Drink. Eat. Repeat. Eat. Drink. Eat. Repeat. 

Step #5: Treat yourself to a spot of pampering by the pool. Massage. Pedicure. Manicure. 

Step #6: Put your shoes on and leisurely stroll down to the nearby beach. Enjoy a tequila sunrise (or a non-alcoholic alternative) before eating dinner by the sea. 

Step #7: Explore your new surroundings, have a little dance, then take yourself somewhere nice for a spot of rehydration. 

Step #8: Return to your villa and sleep - you'll need all the rest you can get after such a long and tiring day (!) of sunshine and relaxation. 

Step #9: Don't wake up too early ... repeat steps 2 to 4 until just after dinner time. 

Step #10: Jump into the pandamobile and get yourself down to a football match. We, for example, went to the Euro 2016 Qualifying match and caught Germany vs. Gibraltar (Germany won, in case you're wondering: 7-0). 

Step #11: Make your way back to your villa and enjoy mountains of food and drink before retiring for the evening. Hard work, this holidaying thing, isn't it? 

Step #12: Alright, if you've made it to this step, you're doing really well. Now you just need to get yourself out of bed for mid-morning pancakes and fresh fruit. You can do it!!!

Step #13: The saddest step of them all. It's time to get yourself packed and ready for home. Goodbye, sun. Goodbye, pool. Goodbye, beach. Try to stay strong. Remember the good times.

Phew! And there it is, our 13 step guide to holidaying, panda style. 

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