Ben Lerch and his digital design desires.

Feb 11, 2019 12:39:38 PM

For anyone who knows Ben, you would probably describe him as a burst of energy with a unique style and individual personality. It is no different to how he presents his work ethic and his relatable demeanour when speaking with candidates and clients alike.

His job adverts are easily distinguished from the rest, (they usually have a funny pun or two thrown in) and he loves a good joke, we debate if he is funny or not, but we can let you decide.

Here at cranberry panda we are all about encouraging individual characters in our consultants. No matter your background, interests or personality, we all find a way to click together as we have the common interest to succeed in our personal careers and as a company.

So, leaving the floor to Mr Ben Lerch who will describe in very much his own way who he is, what he does and why he should be your first port of call for digital designers with an edge.

“Navigating the swathes of Ecommerce companies and their various roles, can be an arduous task when you are searching for a new role. It can feel like you are out at sea for weeks on end, with no land in sight. However, the HMS Cranberry Panda is a sturdy ship and we LOVE going to sea to help find your next role.”

“But who are you? And who are cranberry panda?! Do they sell healthy, environmentally conscious food products? NOPE. We are the award-winning experts of Ecommerce Recruitment (It's all we do!) and are often called the "preferred recruiter" by many of our clients - we operate like an Internal Ecommerce Team ourselves!”

“Call me Ishmael… or Ben. I am the Digital Design specialist here at cranberry panda and I LOVE scouring the Ecommerce Industry for those rare design "white whales". We can "Moby Pick" the best job for you, from our large "pod" of clients and roles.”

“With 3 years’ experience, I now work across all UI, UX (and some development) positions in the Ecommerce sector. I may be bragging now, (what can I say - I love my job and this company!) but we are a highly-respected Ecommerce specialist recruitment consultancy, with a fantastic team of consultants heading up specific disciplines within the sector.”

“Our client list includes - Simba Sleep, Jimmy Choo, Kurt Geiger, Deliveroo, Feelunique, FitFlop, JustEat, Cult Beauty, HelloFresh, Hunter, French Connection, Papier, Ted Baker, Harry’s, Craft Gin Club, NearSt, eHarmony, LostMyName, Gousto and ToucanBox, etc.

Working in the digital design industry I meet people from all over the world, with a variety of backgrounds and a diverse range of experience with multiple companies and clients. From the eccentric illustrators to “techy” designers and creative geniuses. Plus, I’ve made many new friends along the way!

ROLES I've worked on Digital Designer, Video Designers, UX/UI Designers, Creative Designer, Email Designer, Creative services manager, Email marketing designer, Art Director, Service Designer, Mobile designer, Motion Graphic Designer, User Experience (UX) Designer, User Interface (UI) Designer.”

Whether you are a candidate looking to feel at ease and unpressured in your job search process or a client who needs a one to one approach when it comes to navigating the hiring route, be sure to get in touch with Ben and we can promise he will end up making you laugh, give you some industry knowledge and realise your hiring needs!

Want to see what Ben is working on? 

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