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Posted: 21st of December 2016 by Amanda Kouwenhoven

Breaking News: We're Sponsoring MeasureCamp London 2017!

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That's right, MeasureCamp fans - we're sponsoring MeasureCamp London 2017! We're already counting down the days until the event begins on March 25th - that day can't come quick enough!

What is MeasureCamp?

If you haven't been to MeasureCamp before, or you're new to the industry, let us tell you a little more about this must-attend event. 

MeasureCamp is a web analytics unconference that's run by - and held for - the digital analytics community. The event spans two days, a Friday and a Saturday: Friday is all about digital analytics training and Saturday is a day full of web analytics sessions. Overall, the unconference is a time to learn, share and network with fellow analytics enthusiasts. 

Tickets to the March event were last released early in December this year... they're limited and in very high demand. To get your paws on tickets to the next event, keep an eye on the MeasureCamp website and follow the event's Twitter account too. 

cranberry panda and Measurecamp: a match made in heaven

You might already know us from our sponsorship of MeasureBowling London or our co-hosting of WAWLondon... we're always out and about at London's best web analytics events. And that's why we're so excited to be sponsoring MeasureCamp - an event that we've loved for a very, very long time. 

We'll have loads of exciting MeasureCamp information to share with you early next year (hint: there might be goodies up for grabs!) so watch this space and, if you haven't already, sign up for our web analytics job alerts. 

cranberry panda attendees at Measurecamp 2017

Our analytics superheroes, Neil and Aimi will be attending MeasureCamp 2017. If you don't already know them, allow me to introduce you to Neil, our Web Analytics and Conversion Optimisation consultant and Aimi, our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence specialist


Questions? Comments? Already excited to see us there? Let us know - share your comments in the section below. 



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