#CareerCounsel: There is always room to learn more

Mar 9, 2016 1:31:32 PM

If you reach a certain goal in your career, does that mean you’ve learnt everything there is to learn? Does it mean there’s nothing left to discover from a long career journey? #CareerCounsel says no!

Being open to new learning possibilities is so important in your career, as it keeps your outlook fresh and leaves you with a wealth of varied experiences. Being good in your career isn’t exclusive to excelling in your day to day tasks…there is so much more to the career journey! Here are the #CareerCounsel tips for widening those horizons.

Learn from people

Outside of work, your family and friends are responsible for so many of your memories. It’s important to have fond memories of the people you work with too; they can play a big part in where you are headed and, more importantly, help your work life be fun and relaxed.

Everyone is an individual when it comes to approaching their work, and there are lessons to be gained from this. If you observe once in a while, you’ll notice how your colleagues behave. You too have your own approach to people, but if you can come to accept the way people like to work or communicate you can adapt to that. Perhaps without realising it, your team skills have improved tenfold and these are invaluable skills to have as your career progresses.

Stay curious, stay engaged

If there are opportunities to try new things, take them. What piques your interest but you think it might not be worth the time in terms of what you are doing in your career? Follow that curiosity and see where it takes you!

Rather than think of the things a new skill won’t contribute, think of what it will. For example, you think to yourself ‘I would love to learn French, even if it’s just a little.’ You might think it’s not necessary to your career but picture yourself after you tackle a new skill and what the outcome is. You have a whole new skill to add to your CV! Having a few of your own goals will keep you engaged and open doors you didn’t know were there. Just give yourself a little push once in a while.

Be a great employee AND a great learner

  • Don’t run from mistakes you have made in your career. Learn from them and try to apply these lessons every day.
  • Create new opportunities to learn. Go to events, seminars and networking groups to learn something new each time, no matter how small.
  • Asking for feedback is so important. You are so used to what you’re doing that everything might seem plain sailing. However, asking for a quick review of how you’re doing might open your eyes to a slight change that could be applied to make your work even better.
Learning new things is so important for confidence, inspiration and broadening what skills you have. Going forward in your career feeling boosted and inspired is the perfect way to build new goals and achieve them!

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