Case Study: Flubit Fever

Mar 14, 2013 3:55:02 PM

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We love working with global brands, but there is something very special about ecommerce recruitment for startups. Here at cranberry towers, we take great pride in the level of ecommerce hiring expertise we offer; especially when working with an award-winning startup. Allow us to introduce Flubit; winners of the London Web Summit Startup Competition. Flubit is a personalised shopping service that creates online shoppers better offers for products they want to buy. Innovative and recession proof; we’re loving it!

Andy, Head of Merchant Relations at Flubit, sought out advice from us when looking to grow his ecommerce team. Naturally, Andy was very proud of his brand and explains why; “ is a winner with consumers – our way of selling has yielded 35% conversion rates and a 57% customer retention rate. We fulfil our consumer proposition by integrating with the best multichannel retailers - they benefit from incremental sales without high marketplace fees. With large scale growth projected later this year, it’s an exciting time to be working at Flubit.”  

Hiring the right ecommerce professionals

Andy needed an Integration Manager and a Merchant Acquisition Manager, and placed his faith in us pandas. We feel honoured to have worked so closely with Flubit and be an extension of this fantastic brand. We found the ideal candidates who not only had the knowledge and skills for the roles, but fit the Flubit culture like a glove! We placed Evelyn in as a Merchant Acquisition Manager, “Cranberry Panda’s guidance through the recruitment process was excellent, it’s only been a month and a half since I joined the Flubit team and as cheesy as it sounds, it already feels like home.”

Andy has provided us with this testimonial “The Flubit proposition rests on working with the best multichannel retailers so it is crucial to have a team capable of getting them on board. cranberry panda have placed John, who’s done a fantastic job managing all our merchant integrations, and more recently Evelyn who is already delivering great results in her role. What put cranberry panda above their competitors was the care they took in meeting us, understanding our requirements and type of candidate we needed. Importantly, we weren’t sent an endless stream of hopeful candidates that wasted valuable time. Just fewer, better candidates. So a thumbs up from Flubit!”

The ecommerce team has grown, and their well-deserved award is a testament to their dedication and hard work.  As we see it, we have Flubit Fever, and long may our affiliation continue beyond the years when Flubit flourish into a household name.

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